Policies, applications and opportunities

What Government policies are there driving heat pump sales? Are there other applications for heat pump use that can be explored? Where are there opportunities for market growth?

There are no assessment questions for this module, it's for information only.

The Off-Gas Opportunity

Heating in the UK

The Environmental Argument

In the UK at present...

So does a heat pump help?

Government Policies

What are the main drivers?

Social Housing - Non-domestic opportunity

Micro-district systems

Case Study - Yarlington

Case Study - Trent & Dove

Holiday Parks - Another non-domestic opportunity

The opportunity

How does it work?

Costs and benefits

Larger homes - a domestic opportunity

Heat pumps can work for bigger houses, too

Case Study - River House

Case Study - Gwylfan-y-Glaerwen

Other applications - processes and "eligible uses of heat"

Case Study - Spring Garden Centre

Eligible uses of heat