Airtasker Support Skills Assessment

Introduction to the Airtasker Support Skills Assessment

Hello and welcome! This assessment is your gateway to an exciting career of becoming a part of the Airtasker Support Team!


The test is composed of two parts:

Part I - Multiple Choice

Part II - Email Composition


On the next slides, you will go through the overview of moderating content within the Airtasker website. Attempt to understand the information presented and answer the test questions in the given link at the end of this presentation.

You will have a total of 1 hour to complete this assessment.

If you have any question, feel free to approach the Test Administrator.

Good luck!

The Community Guidelines

Use of the Airtasker Platform

The following are the general rules on the use of the platform.

All Airtasker Members must:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be legally entitled to perform the Task

  • Only have one active single account

  • Not subcontract a task - the Worker must always be the first point of contact in the performance of the assignment

  • Not have same IP address with the Poster / Worker

  • Fully adhere to the Community Guidelines

What must members observe at all times when performing activities on the site?

  • No private contact information or third-party links can be shared before an offer is accepted.

  • Trolling, off-topic and rude/vulgar comments are strictly prohibited.

  • No partial, hourly or quote-based pricing

  • No illegal or spurious contents

About Payments

Airtasker Pay is a new payment system that ensures payment protection for Airtasker Workers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed for Job Posters.

  • 15% Service Fee (covering insurance and transaction costs)

  • Remunerated with money via debit/credit card

  • Airtasker Gift Cards can also be used to fund tasks

  • Cash payments and paypal are no longer supported

Task Posting Guideline

As a rule, all tasks must have a clear time, budget and scope element to be accepted on the platform. 

Which tasks are not supported?

If we see any unsupported tasks, we either cancel or un-publish and take action on the Poster's account when deemed necessary.

Examples of Tasks being moderated


The above task has been cancelled by the Support Team as it is non-task based. It does not have a clear time, budget and scope element. The task did not clearly state what needs done, when and what amount is reasonable for completion.


This task is not detailed enough for Airtasker Workers to make an offer on appropriately. If a task doesn’t contain enough information, we may not support it. We usually un-publish these kinds of tasks and require the Posters to add more information before re-posting.


Tasks that are reposted constantly and don’t make any sense are also being moderated.


Any tasks with vulgar contents are not supported, in the same manner if we see any adult or sexual tasks, we delete them immediately and warn the poster to avoid posting similar tasks in the future.


We also do not allow any task that may be considered unlawful in the court of law. On the task above, we moderate the task for two reasons: 1. illegal; 2. sharing of contact information


Lead generation tasks are not supported. If we qualify a task to be trying to get people to sign-up to websites or initiate interest to subscribed to a service or product, then we cancel and inform the Poster at this stage we do not support lead generation tasks.


A task where an Airtasker Worker advertises their services to get a job is also moderated.


Sometimes Posters aren't aware that Airtasker is an on-demand task platform and not a job board for permanent roles. Job advertisements are not supported and we normally cancel this kind of task and ask the Poster to frame the initial work as a specific task or trial period before reposting.


A task whereby an Airtasker is asked to write an essay, complete a uni quiz  or assessment is also cancelled as soon as we receive a report about it.


Any task that employs selling of goods where payment is variable or dependent on the total of items sold is also not allowed on Airtasker.

Let's have a try!

Now that you have a bit of a background of the content moderation, let us try and see if you can answer the trial questions on the next page...

Which of the following tasks will be moderated?