Situation One: A new product is launched at the market, a supplier should be identified for a new component and a price should be agreed. Please identify how the team should act. Who should do what?

A new product is launched at one of the market. It requires new raw material purchase, business needs to learn the approximate price and the supplier. Who should do what in this situation? Correct order of actions is very important!


New Project Development Identification page. 

  • Inform Category Management Team about new project
  • Collect all the available information about the requirements (specification, forecasted volume)
  • Identify possible future suppliers, launch the tender
  • Provide administrative support on the tender
  • Inform the business on the outcome of tender results: supplier identifies and price

Situation 2. Factory Operational Procurement specialist has discovered there is no price in the PO he has just created for a coffee glass jar. What should be the actions for the team? Correct order is important.


Contract Management Page

  • Inform Business Partner that an order cannot be placed without the price
  • Send the info to Category Management team┬áthat the prices should be updated in CLM and SAP contract
  • Ask NBS to administrate the CLM contract and add the price
  • Add the price to CLM/ SAP contract