SWOT Teacher

Welcome to SWOT Teacher! SWOT analysis is an essential analytical tool that Business Analysts utilize on daily basis.

Here you will learn the following:

1. Differentiate between Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

2. Identify each of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of a given scenario in order to complete a SWOT table. 

Step 1 - What is a SWOT Analysis?

What are you here for?

What, when & why SWOT? This will help you find out how an organisation might benefit from a SWOT analysis

Choose the best picture that explains SWOT analysis

Step 2 - How to identify Strengths and Weaknesses?

How to identify Weaknesses?

The following are four statements, choose the best statements that describe strengths and weaknesses

Step 3 - How to identify Opportunities and Threats?

What are Opportunities and Threats?

How does Strengths and Weaknesses relate to Opportunities and Threats

Step 4 - How to complete a SWOT table?

Identify all important facts that contribute to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Drag and drop the possible Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats for TMN

  • 3. TMN offers its staff continual development
  • 5. TMN hires only University Graduates, which means they offer high quality services
  • 6. TMN can offer services to clients from different backgrounds
  • 1. TMN's exhausts a lot of resources due to the wide scope
  • 4. TMN has to consider too many social requirements
  • 2. TMN can narrow its scope to achieve higher results

Match the next terms with their definitions

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Internal factors about an organisation that are expected to have negative effects
Factors an organisation cannot control and may affect it negatively
External factors that may enhance the organisation's competitive position
Analytical tool which assists the organisation in defining its strategic plan
Internal factors which the company can be proud of and have no negative impacts

Step 5 - Assessment Quiz

Fill in the blanks

Choose the correct answer

Fill in the blanks

Choose the correct answer

Choose all appropriate answers

Fill in the blanks

Choose the right answer

Choose the correct answer

Step 6 - What is next?

Further on SWOT

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