Sharing Experience and Best Practices

Hi, My name is Paul Oddsson and I am your live instructor / coach for this course. I studied Comparative Religion during my seminary years and presented this course among many others for five years to a membership of almost 4000 at Northview Community Church, where I was employed as Adult Education Director, as well as a number of other churches inter-denominationally. I'd like to share my education and experience on this subject with your group and give you some valuable insights on how to share your faith effectively with people of other religions through a.) understanding their beliefs and b.) using it's common ground to build a dialogue upon..

Understanding Non-Christian Belief Systems

How to present your faith effectively and persuasively

So, here is a short guide on how to sale effectively.

1. First and foremost believe in yourself. Customers want to see that you have faith in your own abilities and exude an aura of trust, so be confident.

2. Be knowledgeable. Know what your products and services are and do plenty of research into the product background and capacities.

3. Work out your aims and strategy. Define the aims of every conversation and get a clear strategy  by specializing the approach to each key element of the sales. 

4. Start an engaging conversation. The aim of your conversation is to attract the potential customers with the kind of questions that will get them to talk.

5. Learn to handle objections. Remember, if objections are present, progress is probably being made on the sale. Just be persuasive and find the proper counterarguments.

Case Studies

Let's have a look at the example. Imagine the situation that you have to sell a pen to the CEO of the 30 person startup.

What should or shouldn't you say or ask, and when is the best timing?

  • Specialize in the products or services you offer
  • Don't show the lack of confidence
  • Ignore your customers' objections
  • Don't start the conversation first


Thanks for completing the course! I hope that my personal experience will help you enhance your sales techniques and gain more profit for our company!