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GL100 General Ledger Setup

General Ledger Setup and Preferences Video

General Ledger Setup and Preferences Quiz

  • There is a setting in GL Preferences that allows you to hold batches on entry.
  • You can not assign Rounding Accounts in the GL Preferences screen.
  • The Financial Year program will need to be changed every year.
  • Account Classes are used in the Chart of Accounts and are for grouping on reports.
  • You can add new Voucher Entry Codes or delete existing ones.

Chart of Accounts and Sub Account Setup Video

Chart of Accounts and Sub Accounts Setup Quiz

  • You should load your Chart of Accounts before going into the Segment Key screen.
  • You can have multiple segments in your Chart Of Accounts.
  • You can import your Chart of Accounts.
  • Your Sub Accounts can only have one segment.
  • You do not need to load any Segment Values before loading your Sub Accounts.

GL200 General Ledger Transactions

GL Transactions Video

GL Transactions Quiz

  • Saving your Journal Transaction will push it to the GL.
  • You cannot set up a Schedule for Journal Transactions.
  • The Trial Balance report will show you all of your Journal Transactions that have been released.
  • The Trial Balance program on the Work Area tab is where you go to run the Trial Balance report.
  • You can import Journal Vouchers.