Customer Service Success

Want to be a Customer Support guru here at Trip Mate, inc? Dream of being a leading expert in Cisco Finesse while constantly improving Customer Experience? We knew it!  Growth and success are just a click away. Let's begin.

Learn the fundamentals of logging phone calls in the Travel Claims Online Portal.

Chapter 3 - Sections 1 - 5

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New Claims Call Log

The ability to properly ensure our agents can properly log all phone calls that are both made and received is essential to over all goals of the Call Center. This the Call Center deliver better Passenger outcomes and betters the overall Customer Experience. 


Meet Jane - Sample

This is Jane. She is a New Customer Service Call Center Agent. She was initially employed  for a two-month probation period and has now been hired directly. She has call center experience but this is her first time applying it to the Travel Insurance sector. Our e-learning system will allow her keep all the skills she currently is learning, fresh and applicable on a daily basis not matter what she happens to encounter. Jane will feel confident and empowered and she will know that she has the best answers and information possible to offer the Customer at all times.  

Claim Status Call Log

To be prepared for customer support challenges, Jane should learn the right techniques to overcome the possible problems. Here are techniques Jane needs to defuse the outraged customer.

  • Be Honest technique is used to calm down the customer by amitting the mistake, whether you made it personally or the company you represent made it.
  • Listen is used for allowing the customer to let off steam uninterrupted, the idea is that the customer will eventually calm down on his or her own.
  • Genuine Empathy statements are used as the primary response to any situation where the customer is upset or angry. The idea is to prove to the customer that you understand his or her emotional state.
  • Not taking the bait technique means not responding to insults or hostile comments made by a customer.
  • Preemptive strike means anticipating a problem a customer might face and acknowledging it before the customer brings it up.
  • Provide explanations technique means giving clear explanations to the customer.
  • Refocus technique is used to bring a conversation with a customer to the original issue or topic [Extracted from: Perfect Phrases for Customer Service by Robert Bacal].


Choose the defusing techniques used by Jane

  • Allow venting
  • Empathy statements
  • Provide explanations
  • Not taking the bait
  • Admit mistakes
  • Refocus
  • Preemptive strike

Coverage Transfer Call Log

Jane is exhausted but happy. With your help she managed to deal successfully with her first angry customer. A lot of new challenges are ahead but Jane is on the right track. 

Outbound call Log

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Activity Log

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Diffusing Irate Customers : Sample Scenario

It's Jane's second day at the office, and she has a stressful call from a furious customer. She is at her wit's end and needs assistance. Keep in mind that Jane's career depends on the outcome of this conversation.