2016 Buller Crew Course

2016 Buller Crew Course

Introduction to Mt Buller - All the basics you need to know before immersing yourself into this winter wonderland.

Be part of The Buller Way... Face the challenge!

About Mt Buller

Getting to Mt Buller

The Village


Staff Services

Being a Buller Ambassador

Mt Buller Live App

Season 2015 Wrap

Season 2015 Wrap Video. Fill in the blank below from the drop down box.

Mt Buller has the largest lift network in Victoria. How many lifts operate on Mt Buller? (select one)

Mt Buller Village (True or False)

How many snow making machines are scattered across Mt Buller?

What are the features of the Mt Buller Live App? (select one)

Mt Buller Business Community - A few of the major organisations involved with the operations of Mt Buller.

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management (RMB)

Buller Ski Lifts (BSL)

Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce (MBCC)

Mansfield Mt Buller Bus Lines (MMBL)

What are the responsibilities of the Resort Management Board (RMB) (select three)

What are the responsibilities of Buller Ski Lifts (BSL) (select three)

Who is responsible? Match the service with the business responsible.

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Chamber of Commerce
Promote and protect the interests of the business community
Resort Management Board (RMB)
Bus and taxi services
Buller Ski Lifts (BSL)
Car Parking
Snow Grooming

The Buller Way - The way we think and act as a community.

Introducing the BULLER WAY

Caring for People

Know the Mountain

Working Together

Pride in the Mountain

Have Fun!

Drag and drop each point of The Buller Way to the correct position on the flake

  • Caring for people
  • Know the Mountain
  • Working together
  • Pride in our Mountain
  • Have Fun

Environment - Working towards a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environmental values of Mt Buller. Love the environment you're in and keep this rare ecosystem healthy.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Plan

Sustainability - Keep Winter Cool

The Mountain Pygmy Possum (Burramys Parvus)

Alpine areas, which are those above the natural treeline and are covered by snow for roughly four months of the year, account for what percentage of Australia's total land mass? (select one)

Environment (True or False)

Approximately how many Mountain Pygmy Possums are remain in the wild?

In what ways can you help have a positive impact on the environment?

Safety on the Slopes - Use your head - wear a helmet, act responsibly and enjoy the ride.

Read the Warning Signs

Use Your Head - Wear a Helmet

'Lids on Kids'

Alpine Responsibility Code

Parks and Pipes

Safety on the Slopes (True or False)