Project Management: The Guidelines

Project Management can be a daunting career. Many different variables with many different outcomes. Remaining in control is the key aspect. Through this training, you will come to understand the different aspects of project management, from defining your project to implementation and evaluation

Create and implement follow-up controls and reporting requirements

Communication can be in the form of:

Implementing your plan

Implementing a plan that one has spent a large amount of time creating can seem like a daunting task. There are many moving parts and remaining in control takes time and effort.  Within project implementation there are various process that are put in place to monitor progress and provide constant feedback. The project manager will need to be aware of the progress of the project, monitor the budget, have proactive resolution skills and constantly communicate with various stakeholders. Communication is a key skill that a project manager should possess, especially during this phase. Communication can be in the form of one-on-one with team member, emails, calls or messages and should be precise, positive, easy to interpret and have clear expectations (Economy, 2014). As there are various internal and external stakeholder and project team members, the Project Manager will need to ensure that each department maintains consistent and accurate communication. (A flow/spider diagram could be illustrated here to depict the various lines of communication)During the project implementation, having controls and milestone charts in place, can allow the Project Manager to fully understand the progress of the project. It is imperative that the correct controls be used, and that feedback is consistent. The Project Manager should be made aware as soon as there are any faults or difficulties during the implementation phase. This ensures that resolution is timeous, and the schedule is not greatly affected.

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