Rinnai Lookups

Learning to properly handle calls on Rinnai parts.

Intro to Rinnai

Rinnai... an intro.

Rinnai is one of the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturers. They make commercial and residential water and home heaters.

We are going to be fielding calls from homeowners as well as (and mainly) servicers.

Go to https://www.rinnai.ca/ for more information about the products that Rinnai sells.

Navigating the Rinnai Look ups website

Getting started on the Rinnai Website!

Once you've logged into the Rinnai Portal website (https://commerce.rinnai.us/), you should see the screen below. There is a lot of valuable website available to us!

To start a parts lookup, we'll click on the PARTS link at the top of the page.

Okay, I'm in. Now what?

Once you've chosen the PARTS link, you'll be faced with this page:

*Note - If you ever get lost, there's a little legend here on where to go!!!*
We're going to click on "Catalog Shop" in order to find the parts breakdowns.

Looking for our first model... Q205SP

And now, we enter the realm of "What kind of appliance do you have". Rinnai makes it really simple, where everything is laid out in five easy options.

You'll notice a BIG RED X over a link. If you knew the part number, what are you doing here?! 

Let's click on "Boiler Parts" and track down our model, Q205SP. If you're not sure if the model that the customer has given you is NATURAL GAS or PROPANE, look at the last letter in the model number!


Model number E75CP - is it Natural Gas, or Propane?

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane

Parts, parts, parts...

Next, this cute icon will pop up. Click on "Pic-A-Part" to open the parts breakdown.

Your parts list will pop up on the left hand side, where as your breakdown will appear on the right. Clicking any of the diagram numbers will give you a new screen with information about that part, and the part number to use in our systems.

Once the button has been clicked, you'll see something similar to the photo below.

Rinnai call #1

Watch your model numbers!!!

  • Model# FC510N - Ignitor
  • Model# FC510N - Gas Control Assy
  • Model# FC510N - Air Filter B
  • Model# RHFE-551FA-P - Fan Switch
  • Model# RHFE-551FA-P - Combustion Fan
  • Model# RHFE-551FA-P - Electrode
  • Model# RHFE-551FA-P
  • Model# FC510N
    Natural Gas

Final Exam

Which phone number/email?

  • Customer phone number for Rinnai Support
  • To check stock at Rinnai

Multiple answers - How do we rush for Rinnai?

  • Check stock at Rinnai
  • Functional parts only
  • Any parts
  • No need to check stock before rushing
  • order as P2 into branches 001, 020 or 030 only
  • order as P2 into branches 001, 020, 030, 060 and 080 only
  • order as P2 into any branch
  • Use RIN under MOT in sales order
  • Any MOT is good - customer preference

Watch your model numbers!!

  • ES38P (RHFE-1004FTA-P) - screw for the PCB board
  • Q85SN - gas valve solenoid
  • Q85S - Conversion kit from LP to NG
  • 37AHB090 - Top door
  • 37AHB090 - Lower door
  • C53eN (REU-V2020WC-N) - What is # 803 on the diagram?
    Truss Screw
  • C53eN (REU-V2020WC-N) - What is # 718 on the diagram?
    Frost Sensing Switch
  • R70eP (REU-V2526W-P) - What is # 804 on the diagram?
    Thermistor Stop Screw
  • R70eP (REU-V2526W-P) - What is # 731 on the diagram?
    Surge Protector
  • C85iP (REU-V2532FFUC-P) - does the Water Flow Servo Valve Assembly include the O-Rings?
  • C85iP (REU-V2532FFUC-P) - is this model NG?