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Positive aspects of Collaborative Technologies

Positive Aspects

Collaborative technologies are now used in companies worldwide. They give teams another way of interacting with each other from home or on the road.  You can access most technologies over the internet and they are things such as google docs/ google one drive. The aim is to share your work with colleagues where you can work collaboratively on it. 

Do you like using Collaborative Technologies?

Do you like Collaborative Learning?

  • Yes
  • No

What would you suggest to make this better?

What Collaborative Tools have you used before?

  • Dropbox
  • Huddle
  • Google Drive
  • Easygenerator
  • Padlet
  • Other

Issues of Collaborative Technologies


There are various issues surrounding collaborative technologies :    

 -Anyone who has access to the file can edit it, for example; Wikipedia is a collaborative tool because anyone can input their knowledge however, this leads to people sabotaging works and pranks.

 -Anyone with the link can view it so it can lead to privacy issues.

-People can work on the same project at the same time leading to confusion and random interjections.

-Some might put in more work than others; not everything is individually credited.

Mitigating the Risk of getting a Virus

Mitigate Risk

  • Keeping your operating system up to date.

  • Using up to date anti-virus software.

  • Not opening an email attachment unless you are expecting it and know the source (many email servers scan emails with anti-virus software on the user's behalf).

  • Not allowing other users to use their own memory stick on your system.

  • Only downloading files from reputable web sites.

  • Avoiding software from unreliable sources.

What should you do if you come across a memory stick that has been left somewhere?

  • Leave it where it is
  • Take it home and use it as your own
  • Hand it in to your security department for them to check it

If your antivirus software stops working you should...

  • Wait for the IT Technician to fix it
  • Tell the IT Support office about it
  • Try and fix it yourself

If a window opens in your browser telling you that you need to download something to secure your computer, you should...

  • Download it, it must be important or it wouldn't tell you
  • Ignore it
  • Do not download it, and tell the IT Support office immediately

How it Improves Work Flows

Improving Work Flows

This benefits companies because they can all put their work into one online shared folder and reduces the amount of emails bouncing around. This improves communication in the workplace because they can all refer to one thing.  
     This doesn't leave backlog because the people involved in the project are able to access it anytime and anywhere. This is an efficient way of working due to the demand impacting the employee because there is lack of restriction as to where they are. There is a fewer quantity of employees doing the same amount of work so this creates an efficient way of spreading work flow evenly.