This is a test introduction to stakeholder management

What is a stakeholder?

What is a stakeholder?

Stakeholders are individuals (such as a Director/Head of Department) or groups (such as a staff forum or external organisation) that may have an influence over the success of the project.

An individual or group may be influential because you need them to provide resources to complete part of the project.

They may have the authority to sign off/decline changes or be influential in terms of building 

buy-in within their teams who make up a large proportion of the change audience (individuals who need to adopt the change in order for it to be successful).

Stakeholder status is not necessarily based on seniority; individuals at different levels within the organisation may have significant influence over others.

Stakeholders can be both groups (including external organisations) and people, but it is important to identify the individual within the group that you can communicate with.

A stakeholder is

  • An individual
  • A group
  • All of these
  • None of these

Why create a stakeholder map?

Why create a stakeholder map

Stakeholder analysis and mapping allows you to identify and therefore plan for active and appropriate management of key individuals.

Having visibility of and actively managing stakeholders will allow you to build cooperation, create greater support for the project, overcome areas of resistance and have earlier visibility of possible challenges to delivery.

Why create a stakeholder map

  • One
  • Three