Welcome to Delta Force: Onboarding Course

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Welcome to Delta Force Paintball

What is Delta Force Paintball?

Hours of Work

As part of your employment you will need to be available to work between the hours of 6.00am to 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday and public holidays.

There may be occasions where there are mid-week games. Rostering on Sundays and Public Holidays is on a voluntary basis. Penalty rates, overtime and allowances are outlined in Schedule 1 of your contract.

1. The Employee and the Company agree to vary the application of the following terms of the Award:
1.1 arrangements for when work is performed;
1.2 overtime rates;
1.3 penalty rates; and
1.4 allowances
to the effect that the payment of the Hourly Rate of Pay to the Employee and the benefits in Clause 2.2 results in the Employee being better off overall.

2. Better off Overall
2.1 The current base rate of pay for the Employee’s Award classification is $______ per hour. The Employee’s base rate of pay of $______ per hour provides that the employee will be paid in excess of the Employees award classification.
2.2 The benefit of extended hours of work at ordinary rates of pay where there is no opportunity to work overtime at penalty rates, flexibility of weekend work, and maximization of employees income due to no guarantee of minimum hours provides that the Employee will be better off overall.

Overtime Rates

All overtime will be paid at the rate of double time.
Notwithstanding the above, if such Employee agrees to voluntarily perform overtime then they will be paid at the rates provided for in clause 2.1 of this agreement

Penalty Rates

Any ordinary hours worked on a Sunday will be paid at a rate of double time. Notwithstanding the above, if an Employee makes a request to work ordinary hours on a Sunday in accordance then they will be paid for such worked at the rates provided for in clause 2.1 of this agreement.

If the Employer requires an Employee to work on a Public Holiday they will be paid for each hour of work at a rate of double time and a half.
Notwithstanding the above, an Employee may choose voluntarily to work on a Public Holiday.
If an Employee does choose to voluntarily work on a Public Holiday then they will be paid the hourly rates contained in Clause 2.1 of this Agreement.

3 I understand that I am better off overall as I would benefit from extended hours of work at ordinary rates of pay where there is no opportunity to work overtime at penalty rates; that I have no minimum hours guaranteed and that the workload of the business is subject to peaks and troughs and can be seasonal in nature. I seek to maximize my income by volunteering to work any available hours overtime or on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Rostering Procedure

Using the FPR

The Employee and the Company agree that:

  1. The Employee will work with the Centre Manager to ensure that on their first day of employment they are correctly registered on the Fingerprint Reader System.
  2. A Fingerprint Reader will be used to electronically record the start and finish times for the Employee on each work day.
  3. Hours worked will be calculated in 15 minute increments based on information obtained from these electronic records.
  4. The Employee agrees to ‘thumb’ scan in at the start of their work shift at the Paintball Centre.
  5. The Employee agrees to ‘thumb’ scan in again between 12:00pm and 2:00pm at the Paintball Centre.
  6. The Employee agrees to ‘thumb’ scan out at the end of their work shift at the Paintball Centre.
  7. If the Employee is required at the offsite location at any time they will ‘thumb’ scan in and out for hours worked at the offsite location.
  8. The Employee will not be paid for travel time between the offsite location and the Paintball Centre.
  9. Hours electronically recorded in the Fingerprint Reader System can be verified with the Centre Manager at the start and end of each shift through the Captain system. It is the Employee’s responsibility to ensure that the hours recorded are accurate. Any discrepancies need to be raised with the Centre Manager on the day of work.
  10. Any Employee caught trying to falsify these records by any means whatsoever will be subject to disciplinary action that may result in their dismissal.
  11. Hours worked will be rounded down to the nearest 15 minute interval. An employee must work the full 15 minute to be paid for the period. e.g 7:36am arrival will be classified as 7:45am start and 17:18pm will be classified as 17:15 departure.
  12. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the Employee not being paid for the hours in question.

Taking Breaks

Smoking Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Uniform Policy

Management Structure

Complaints & Grievance Procedure

Roles & Responsibilities

Marshalling Role

Cashiering Role

Job Progression, Training & Development

Operational Health & Safety

The Three G's

In the interest of making this really simple, we'll quickly state that you really don't get second chances when it comes to safety. 

We like to say there are three aspects to the job that can seriously injure yourself, a team member or a player. To make it easy to remember- they all begin with the letter G.

Gas, Goggles & Guns

Its imperative that you understand the inherent risks involved with each of these three items. Safety isn't simply one person's job- it involves each and every one of us to ensure that each work day is operated in a safe manner.

Let's talk about each of these items in order. There will be a few simple questions to answer afterwards- so make sure you pay attention.

1: Gas. All Delta Force paintball centres will use a form of compressed gas as the propellant for their paintball markers (guns). This gas will either be CO2 or compressed air. These are two completely different gases and you will need to be formally trained in safe handling techniques before being allowed to be involved in the operation of filling gas bottles. Do not attempt to do so before formal training and assessment has taken place. Do not feel pressured to do so by a member of staff- simply remind them that you require assistance and formal training before being comfortable handling compressed gases.


2: Goggles. All Delta Force paintball centres will utilise one or more styles of paintball goggles. Ensure that you choose one that fits you properly and have asked for assistance with tightening, loosening, wearing & removing your goggles. They will fit over the top of spectacles, headscarfs, turbans, etc. The key rule here is that whenever you are anywhere past the Goggle Check area, ie into the gunzone, target range or game fields, you must be wearing your set of paintball goggles. These can only be removed once you are back inside basecamp- the netted safe area. All crew members are to wear masks in the cage and game fields once the first gas bottle has been connected to a marker. Gas pressure alone can cause significant damage. For markers that are stored with the gas bottle connected, masks are to be worn once the gun crates have been removed from the van and before the markers are unloaded from the crates. This applied to MiniBall markers as well as standard paintball markers. Failure to do so will lead to dismissal. All clients are to wear their masks before entering the cage. At least 1 crew member shall check each mask for security of the chin strap and ask if it fits before allowing the client entry. The crew member is to check that the goggle assembly is appropriately cradled in the mask unit, that the pins are all correctly inserted and that the side straps are appropriately positioned. For full head goggle units the crew member is to also check that the back plate is present and kept in place by the black back strap. A crew member is to be in place at the storage racks prior to allowing anyone access to the markers. Masks are to be worn by everyone in the presence of a gas bottle fitted marker. The ONLY exception is when a marker is used for demonstration and it is fitted with a barrel sock. NO marker is to be removed from the cage into the Base Camp area without a sock fitted and only for demonstration of the safety brief. 

Simply put, do not put your health at risk by deliberately ignoring warnings and not wearing goggles in a live-fire area.

3: Guns. All Delta Force paintball centres will use a variety of different style and operation paintball markers (or guns). These range from spring-loaded miniball guns for younger players all the way to electro-pneumatic paintball guns capable of vast firing speeds. You will be shown how these operate over the course of your employment. Markers have a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second.

The key thing to remember is that these paintball guns are not toys. You are never allowed to fire an actual paintball through a paintball gun unless expressly asked to by the Centre Manager, and under no circumstances is this to be towards a player or member of staff. 'Mucking around' with them is obviously unacceptable and will result in you being asked to leave the premises and may be grounds for dismissal.

Any messing around that can be seen as potentially or actually dangerous by a client, the marshal viewing this is to warn or remove that player from the game. The crew member is to report the incident to the manager where he or she will use their discretion as to what action is needed.

If at any point you are unsure about the correct procedure, ask your Centre Manager for guidance. You can never ask too many questions.

It's important to point out that should you oversee what you believe to be dangerous practices being carried out by other staff members, you should raise this with your Centre Manager immediately to allow him or her to rectify the situation. Safety is everybody's responsibility.

1. Goggles

  • Once all of the safety catches are applied
  • Whenever there are no players around
  • Once all guns are decocked, stored inside their gun crates and onboard the van or trailer for transport
  • Once all the bolts are decocked into a forward position
  • When a senior staff member tells me it is safe
When can I remove my safety goggles around paintball guns?

2. Gas

  • When instructed to do so by a staff member
  • When I feel ready to do so
  • When I have been suitably trained and assessed by the Centre Manager
  • When it's really busy and it just has to be done
When am I allowed to fill compressed air or CO2 bottles?

3. Guns

  • Yes
  • No
Do you understand that paintball guns are not toys and are not to be treated as such? That any mucking about can and will result in me being asked to leave centre and may be grounds for dismissal?

Alcohol/Drugs Policy

Delta Force Paintball has an extremely strict zero-tolerance policy for both alcohol & drug related offences.

If you arrive at work under the influence of either alcohol or drugs you will be asked to leave immediately and it may be considered grounds for dismissal

  • Yes
  • No
Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Alcohol/Drug policy?

Fatigue Policy

Delta Force Paintball has an extremely strict zero-tolerance policy with regards to arriving to work already fatigued. We are dealing with dangerous equipment, hot water, chemicals, money & the general public. We cannot afford to make mistakes simply because we came to work tired.

If you arrive at work and are obviously suffering from fatigue you will be asked to leave immediately and it may be considered grounds for dismissal.

We always recommend getting a good nights sleep before a shift.

  • Yes
  • No
Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Fatigue policy?

Cash/Stock Security

Delta Force Paintball takes security of cash and stock items very seriously. Contravening the following guidelines can be grounds for dismissal.

No staff member is allowed into the shop or behind the shop counter unless at the express request of the Centre Manager.

No staff member is allowed free products from the shop or to 'take now, pay later'. Items are to be paid for as they are collected.

No staff member is allowed to handle money or access the cash drawer unless they are the nominated cashier for the day or at the express request of the Centre Manager.

Delta Force reserves the right to implement compulsory bag searches for any large bags brought onto site. We recommend leaving large bags in your vehicle or at home and bringing what no more than what you need to work on to centre.


  • Yes
  • No
Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Cash/Stock Security policy?

Firearms Security (incomplete)

Delta Force Paintball has an extremely strict policy in place to ensure the safekeeping of our paintball markers (classified as firearms in Australia). The actual implementation of this will vary between Australia & the rest of the world, and we will detail this below.


Paintball guns are stored in our offsite location and transported to centre on the morning of a gameday. From here they are moved directly from the transport into the gunzone. When removed from the gunzone for gameplay, you must ensure that the same paintball markers are returned to the gunzone after each round. A strict count must be done on the paintball markers between each round and reported to the Centre Manager. Before a player leaves we must verify that their paintball marker is present in the gunzone.

Gun Counts
Gun counts are to be carried out on the following occasions:
• When the markers have been setup at the start of the day;
• When teams come in from a game;
• Prior to anyone leaving to go to their car;
• Prior to anyone leaving having finished for the day;
• Prior to the removal of a marker from play (client finished);
• Prior to a marker being brought into play;
• When asked for by the manager.
All gun counts are to be carried out by 2 staff members individually and their total checked against each other and the total on the white board. This total is then to be relayed to the manager for the appropriate action.
Missing Markers
In the case of missing markers the following actions are to be taken IMMEDIATELY:
• Lock the front door and post security to prevent anyone leaving;
• Lock the car park gates;
• Access to client I.D.’s is to be denied to all clients;
• The manager will bring everyone into the Base Camp to ask where the missing equipment is, if it is a marker, the appropriate client will be asked politely.

However, any hint of stalling such as “I used the wrong gun”, “I don’t know” or “I put mine back”, etc. then the police MUST be called immediately; If the client remembers putting it down during the game, a crew member and the client will go to the game field to retrieve it. If more than one game is under way and markers are also in the field, play can be stopped via a GAME OVER call and all teams ordered back to the cage for a full gun muster and count. At no point will anyone be allowed to enter or leave the building or car park area (accept for access to the Police if required). If manning levels permit, a runner should be sent to check fence lines to see if the marker has been positioned for later retrieval.
On locating the marker, it will be at the manager’s discretion as to whether the client is to be allowed to play in further games or asked to leave the premises.

Rest of the World:

SEAMUS to verify procedures.

​Contravening these guidelines will result in you being asked to leave immediately and may be considered grounds for dismissal.

  • Yes
  • No
Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Firearms Security policy?

Working at Heights Policy (incomplete)

Delta Force Paintball has an extremely strict policy in regards to Working at Height. Simply put- we would prefer you not to work at height at any time. If you feel like a task you have been asked to do will require you to work at heights, the first thing you should do is let your Centre Manager know and ask if there is an alternative. You have the right to refuse to work at height if you feel unsafe doing so.

Working at Height
Before you conduct any work at height you need to speak to your Operations Manager. The first thing to consider is whether the work is absolutely essential or if it can be successfully completed whilst on ground level. If the work cannot be conducted on ground level then an appropriate risk assessment must be carried out before any work is completed. The guidelines outlined below in Annex A of SI 3.4 are taken from Safe Work Australia

and they detail how to ensure any work at height is conducted in a safe and reasonable manner.
As part of these guidelines, Delta Force aims to ensure:
• all work at height is properly planned and organised
• those involved in work at height are competent
• the risks from work at height are assessed, and appropriate work equipment is selected and used
• the risks of working on or near fragile surfaces are properly managed
• the equipment used for work at height is properly inspected and maintained
For any work at height that is essential Delta Force requires that two members of staff are present. Through this the company can ensure the guidelines are adhered to and that work is carried out in a safe fashion

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Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's 'Working at Height' policy? 

Fire Safety Procedure

Delta Force Paintball has an extremely direct Fire Safety Procedure policy in place. These will differ depending on what Centre you work at. 

Please take the time to read the Delta Force Paintball Standard Instruction below and then ensure that your Centre Manager takes the time to brief you on your location-specific instructions. 

In the event of fire, emergency services are to be called via 000 (Australia), 999 (UK) or 911 (Canada).

All staff and clients are to be exited via a safe route to the fire assembly point in the car park. 

Markers are to be stowed in the cage or shipping container if practical. If the fire is in the cage or container area, no attempt to retrieve the hardware should be made unless safe to do so. Markers can be replaced. 

If markers are in use in the game field, all play is to be stopped via the CEASE FIRE call and clients are to place markers in the storage racks. If the fire is located in the area, all markers are to be place in the closest game zone and a crew member left in attendance for security if safe to do so.

Clients are to be lead off the game fields via the side gates to the car park. If the fire is in the base camp then it is to be handled with the fire extinguisher if safe to do so.

Before attempting to put out any fire you must be sure of what sort of fire it is and use the correct extinguisher.

  • yes
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Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Fire Safety Procedure policy?

Hot Water Policy

Delta Force Paintball takes the safety of its staff and customers extremely seriously and we expect you to do so as well.

Devoting a section to hot water may seem trivial, but hot water can cause serious harm to yourself or someone else. Raising awareness of how Delta Force Paintball approaches these risks is important.

Standing Instruction 3.15
Safe Use of Hot Water Bottles on Game Days

This Standing Instruction covers the safe use, storage and handling of hot water bottles on game days. It also outlines the correct procedures for filling hot water bottles, issuing them to customers and ensuring customers fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Disclaimer Form
With the introduction of hot water bottles to all of sites this SI must be followed to satisfy all H&S requirements. Please note that any patron receiving a hot water bottle will be required to complete a disclaimer form. This form will need to be safely stored with the game day paperwork and the specific game sheet. See Appendix One for disclaimer form details. Before issuing a hot water bottle to a patron you need to say “Unfortunately due to the wonderful world of health and safety I actually need to get you to quickly fill out a disclaimer form saying you’ll handle the hot water bottle correctly. Do you mind reading through this form and signing at the bottom?” Through this approach we are covering ourselves whilst also not making a fuss over the potential for injury. 

Approved Process for Handling a Hot Water Bottle
The following guidelines are to be followed at all times when handling hot water bottles:
- Hot water bottles are only to be filled by centre managers and assistant managers. Marshals and senior marshals are not to fill the bottles for the customers.
- Bottles should be filled with the hot water from the large urn. Care should be taken to ensure the water is no hotter than 90 degrees Celsius.
- Bottles should not be filled fully ‐ all air should be removed before the bottle cap is screwed on tightly to the bottle. The hot water bottle should be flexible and not hard as this may lead to it bursting.
- Take care in filling the hot water bottle. Use gloves to ensure you do not burn your hands.
- Hot water bottles should only be issued to adults (over 18s), preferably mothers and fathers.
- The hot water bottles are for non‐participants only.
- Customers should be made aware of the risk of the hot water bottle and that it contains very hot water. Customers using the hot water bottles must sign a hot water bottle disclaimer before use.
- Please insure that you keep track of who you have given a hot water bottle. Keep the disclaimer form
together with the specific game sheet that the non‐participant is associated with.
- The hot water bottles will be added to the non‐sale stocktake. Please ensure you keep track of how many are given out. Count them out and then count them in at the end of every day.
- It is the manager or AM’s responsibility to collect the hot water bottles at the end of the day.
- At the end of the day empty the hot water bottles and screw the cap back on. Store the hot water bottles in a designated box in the shop. By keeping them in the shop marshals will not have access to them at all.
- If you have a damaged hot water bottle please report it to HQ and then dispose of it.

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Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Hot Water Safety policy?

Chemical Policy

Delta Force Paintball takes the safety of its staff and customers extremely seriously and we expect you to do so as well.

There will be multiple chemicals in use at your centre and it's imperative that you understand the inherent dangers associated with each one.

Before you use any cleaning equipment or chemicals, be sure to ask your Centre Manager for a full break down on safe quantities, safe handling and what to do if an accident occurs.

You are not to mix different chemicals together.

You are not to use chemicals designed for a certain job for another one.

You are not to over-use chemicals (more is not better).

You are not to muck around with chemicals.

You are to wear appropriate PPE with certain chemicals.

You are to store chemicals in the appropriate and agreed location.

You are not to leave unlabelled containers (ie spray bottles) of chemical anywhere on centre.

If you see anything that you feel contravenes any of these guidelines, you are to report it to your Centre Manager immediately.

There will be another module on exactly what each chemical does in a later section.

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Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Accident/Incident Handling & Reporting policy?

Accident/Incident Policy

Delta Force Paintball takes the safety of its staff and customers extremely seriously and we expect you to do so as well.

Safety Standing Instruction 3.10
Accident Reporting

This Standing Instruction covers the full and accurate reporting of all injuries and accidents that occur at the paintball centre or in the place of work. It covers injuries to staff, customers and spectators.

Delta Force strives to take every step necessary to completely eradicate all injuries and accidents that take place across our paintball centres and workplace facilities. Unfortunately though, accidents do happen. As such, we need to make sure that all accidents and injuries are accurately reported on so that we can appropriately tend to each accident and take the steps necessary to avoid such accidents occurring again. The forms below are to be filled in for all staff, customer and spectator injuries/accidents.

Avoiding Injuries
These Standing Instructions and Delta Force training protocols have been specifically designed to avoid injuries. Over 25 years of operation it has become apparent that the vast majority of injuries and accidents occur because people do not follow these safety procedures. Similarly, a high percentage of accident reports include the word ‘running’ in the description. As such, we need to regularly remind players not to run. If staff or players ignore these warnings then there will be an elevated chance of injury.

Handling Injuries
All paintball centres are required to have an approved first aid officer on site If an accident is reported to you as the Centre Manager then the first thing you must do is offer to call an ambulance for the injured customer. From there, you are not obliged to issue any first aid. It is advised that you do not move a customer, administer medication or issue any bandages or band-aids in case the customer is seriously injured or has an adverse reaction to the first aid that you provide.

Accident Report Form
The Accident Report Form needs to be filled in by the Centre Manager for every single injury/accident. This form must be filled in as soon as possible after the accident and sent through the day of the game to HQ. The form must be filled out neatly, and it must include a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what happened that resulted in injury. If the injured person ignored any safety directives or acted in an inappropriate way then this must be included in the description. Similarly, if the injured person had a pre-existing injury or condition that may have contributed to the accident then this information should be listed.

Witness Statement Form
The Witness Statement Form needs to be filled in by all witnesses when an accident has occurred. Where possible the Centre Manager should collect at least one witness statement from a marshal who was running the game when the accident took place. The witness statement should remain objective and should provide a comprehensive breakdown on what happened. Key information to include is what happened before the accident, how the witness became aware of the accident and what happened after the accident occurred. If an injury took place in a game zone then the marshal witness should also detail what risk assessment was performed at the start of the day to make sure the game zone was safe. Again, if the injured person ignored any safety directives or had a preexisting injury or condition that may have contributed to the accident then this information should be listed. This form needs to be emailed to HQ the day of the game and the original form needs to be posted to HQ on the following Monday.

Registration Form
The original signed player registration form needs to be collected if there is an injury or accident. The form needs to be emailed to HQ the day of the game and the original form needs to be posted to HQ on the following Monday.

Register of Injuries Logbook
All staff and contractor injuries must be recorded in the Register of Injuries Logbook. This logbook should be stored on site with all H&S files. Any new accidents should be listed and the corresponding Accident Report Forms and Witness Statements should be sent through to HQ.

Emergencies and the CEASE FIRE call
In the event of an emergency which requires the stop of play throughout the entire field, the crew member is to yell EMERGENCY CEASE FIRE repeatedly. All other marshals are to do same on hearing the call. Crew members are to rally all teams on their site together as QUICKLY as possible and have them place their markers on the ground and move away from them. The manager is to move to the game field if not already present to monitor the situation and dictate the appropriate action. If the manager does not attend the scene, a runner is to be sent to summon him or her. A crew member on each active field is to monitor the markers while the situation is attended. Once the situation has been dealt with, only the manager can authorise the picking up of markers and the continuation of play OR the movement of the markers back to the cage. The following emergencies would require such action as detailed:
Serious medical emergency where the mask needs to be removed (eg. CPR);
Loss of mask in play;
Lost or missing marker.
Sprains and other minor occurrences will not warrant this action.

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Do you understand Delta Force Paintball's Alcohol/Drug policy?

Final Assessment

Safety is  issue and is an ongoing process. I commit to actively engaging with my Centre Manager and team mates in order to ensure that Delta Force paintball is a safe place to work, visit & be part of.