Doctrine and Covenants

Welcome to Doctrine and Covenants with Bro. Christensen. We will be studying the entire book of the D&C, along with other scriptures. 

Sections 1-75

Reading Requirement

D&C 1-75

It is expected that you will read each section of the D&C over the course of the school year. For the purposes of this course you will need to read D&C sections 1-75. 

Attendance and the Assessment

Seminary Attendance Requirement

To receive credit for the class you will need to attend seminary 75% of the time. Each absence that you accrue must be excused be either your parents or by the school. If an absence is unexcused, or if it puts you below 75% attendance, then you will be required to make it up on 

Basic Doctrine Assessment Test

Each student must pass the Basic Doctrine Assessment Test. This test may be taken as many times as a student needs to take it to demonstrate mastery of the content. 

Doctrinal Mastery

Doctrinal Mastery – Commandments HO

Sections 76-138

General Conference Pt. 1

General Conference

General Conference happens every April and October. As part of our class you will want to watch, listen to, or read general conference so you can understand the connections we make in class. After you watch the video, click on the link above to see more about general conference. 

General Conference Pt. 2

David A. Bednar