Project Management

The course is designed to help Project Managers in corporate Industries to realize the importance of planning and of time management. It explores various topics that evolved with time that need to be incorporated in the field of Project Management. This course will help Project managers to refresh the existing knowledge and build on it with the newly invention. The course also aimed to improve the production and the quality of work that Project Managers need to provide in the industry as the demand is very high from to time.

Project management is the process where Project Managers plans, organizes and manages effort to come up with a successful projects. A project is any job or timely activity that produces a specific, planned and intended results within an agreed time frame.

What is a Project Management?

  • Is a process of managing a project, organizing and manages it in the limited duration of time.
  • A finest manufacturing project managed by African management in the world.
  • The management with a lot of project that need to be managed every time.
  • It is a big project that is planned, organized to be managed in a big company.

Who are Project Managers

  • Project managers are people that works at the project that is planned.
  • Managers that organizes, plans and manages the project within a limited set time frame.
  • People whoa re responsible of implementing the rules and procedures to ensure that other people also involved in the project.
  • The CEO of the company where the project is taking place.

What is the relationship between time and the project?

  • Knowing time is the only way that we can control the project.
  • Business need to be carried out on time to satisfy our customers.
  • The project must be accomplished within the period agreed.
  • The project must be on time, does not matter which hour of the day.