Bytes Software Portal Overview

During this session we will learn about the Bytes Software Portal, and how to utilise its functionality.

Please follow the on screen instructions.

SECTION 1. Getting Started - Navigating the Home Page. This section will take you through the basic functionality of the Bytes Portal from logging in through to navigating the home page. Click on the hot spots for more information.

Logging on.....

Welcome to the Bytes Portal. Bytes staff and Customers all log into the portal in the same way

Welcome to the Home Page.

This is the Home Page. Click on the Hot Spots for information about each section.

From here you are able to access the various areas of the screen by either using the quick links or the main menu located at the top of the page.

SECTION 2. Searching. How to create a basic search. Advanced filters, and accessing previous search history. Click on the hot spots for more information.

Searching follows the same rules throughout the portal. In all instances of searching fill in the required details. Your searches will appear in the SEARCH HISTORY box.

Example 1 'My Agreements'

Fill in the criteria you wish to search on.

 To hide or show the advanced filters select 'Hide advanced filters'.

Example 2 'Order History'

Fill in the criteria you wish to search on.

Notice that there are slightly different filters available.

Searching for a Specific Agreement using the Manage Renewals dashboard

This is the Manage Renewals dashboard.

We wish to find a specific agreement. In order to do so we begin on the renewals page.

Click on the 'Hot Spots' to find out more about the page.

In this example we are going to search for a 'Custom Agreement'. We can see that the Advanced filters are available. To hide them simply click on 'Hide Advanced Filters'. Drag the words into the indicated spaces and then see if your answer is correct.

  • Active
  • ABC1234
  • British Pound (GBP)

Returned Results.

Viewing your Search History. Previous searches are viewed via the SEARCH HISTORY box.

SECTION 3. Other available portal functionality. Looking at some of the other areas of the portals available functionality. Click on the hot spots for more information.

Manage Learning

Manage Learning Dashboard.

Asset Management

Asset Management Service

Bytes enables customers to gain full visibility of what they own, what is installed and what is actually in use.  

Thus taking an active hand in managing agreements, determining compliance positions, driving rationalisation of software applications, identifying opportunities to reduce or avoid costs and promote best practice.

Quotes and Orders

Easily manage your Quotes and Orders

From this page you are able to easily keep an eye on any orders or quotes which you are dealing with.

Using the quick links on the left hand side of the page you can easily run and print detailed reports.

What does the Customer see and what can they do?


As a portal user, customers are able to:

     Manage their procurement, by purchasing quotes, or requesting new ones.

     View all agreements

     Search for products

     Create new orders

     View and manage their renewals

     Run reports

     Add custom agreements 

     Manage their learning

REMEMBER that users are ONLY able to see information which is relevant to themselves.


For security and data protection, only information relevant to the user will be available to view.

SECTION 4. Knowledge Check.

You will be locked out of your account after 4 failed attempts.

Should you forget your password, dont worry, simply select the forgotten password link to request a new one. 

If you should accidently lock yourself out, please contact the Service Desk who will reactivate your account

  • True
  • False

All users are able to see the same content.

Users are only able to see specific items depending on their usage, and which are relevant to them

Their view is controlled via security settings which are pre set when the account is set up.

Should a users job role change and different access is required, the settings can be changed


  • True
  • False

The portal will log you out after 120 minutes of inactivity?

  • True
  • False

True or false?

  • Filling in every filter option when searching will hinder my results.

In order to Create a New Agreement I need to access...

  • Manage Assests
  • Manage Renewals
  • Quotes and Orders

I would run an inventory report by

  • Contacting the Service Desk
  • Accessing Manage Assets

Bytes customers are able to perform the following functions:

Choose all of the appropriate answers

  • Create new quotes
  • See other users information
  • Manage their procurement
  • Order various courses from Bytes
  • Run reports
  • Create new orders from quotes