Republic Wireless Customer Advocacy Module C- ZENDESK, OPSWARE & RMAS V4.16.18

At the end of this course an agent will be able to navigate Zendesk functions such as replying to a member and understand the difference between a reply to a member and an internal-only ticket update. An agent will also understand different submission statuses in Zendesk and when to apply them. An agent will also be able to use Zendesk functions such as Queues, Tags, Ticket Type and Assignees appropriately. An agent will also understand the policy behind Republic Wireless’ Money Back Guarantee, 1-Year Warranty and how to process a replacement phone for a member.

There are two types of RMAs: 

1. Under Warranty SWAP

2. Lost/Stolen/Damaged REPLACEMENT


Zendesk, Opsware & Researching for RMAs


RMA > Return Merchandise Authorization

RR > Return and Replace

"Replace is an option in Opsware" > A physical Link in the original phone order (OW) that allows us to trigger an RR.

SIM Type > We should be selecting the SIM type based off of the network the member has experience with and the phone type we are sending. For example, if a member's CDMA Moto G5 Plus starts acting up and needs to be replaced through warranty, we want to be sure to send them a CDMA CSIM card as opposed to a GSM SIM card. 

A-stock > Brand new device (phones w/in 14 days of purchase that we SWAP or missing in shipment LOST/STOLEN/DAMAGED)

B-stock  > (Refurbished - Republic Wireless Certified Pre-owned phones (a.k.a. B-stock or refurbished phones) may have been used for testing or tried by a customer and returned to us, but can't be sold as new, and are available for reactivation with our service.
Certified Pre-owned phones are put through a rigorous 50+ point inspection process, and they will only pass this process if they are in fine cosmetic and operational "like new" condition. Certified Pre-owned phones come as originally packaged and include all box contents.  

NOTE: We no longer provide replacements (or outright B-stock purchases) for Legacy phones.

Defect reason >  When processing a warranty-related swap, supply chain will check the phone for user-caused damages/defects. It's important to accurately describe the issue the phone is being replaced for so that the member isn't charged for the defect that is not their fault. 

Return Status>

 Awaiting Equipment = We are requesting the member to return their phone. All SWAP RMAs we need to have the original phone returned to us

Equipment Not Returned = The phone is lost in transit, or is otherwise not going to be returned to us (must be an exception or Lost in delivery)

Charge Behavior >

Charge for Damage/Obey Guarantee (as per our Return and Replacement policy:

Charge for Replacement = we only ever choose this if we are selling someone a b-stock replacement as part of lost/stolen/damaged. Members should not be charged for SWAP RMA replacement devices. 

Do Not Charge For Replacement = Member will not be charged for damage to a returning phone. Must be used when a phone is lost in shipping, etc. 

Kitted - A "kitted" phone is one where the SIM card is shipped with the card already installed in the phone. Because we currently sell GSM SIM cards (for BYOP) some 3.0 GSM phones, either A or B stock will ship with the SIM card in the packaging, but not in the phone itself. The member will need to locate the SIM card in order to activate their phone. To check which phones are kitted vs unkitted, see the doc: Unkitted Status for All GSM Phones

All CDMA phones (1/2.0 or 3.0) will come with the SIM card pre-installed.


Before a Swap RMA

Before a warranty RMA can be processed, TAC agents will have completed troubleshooting with the member. If this troubleshooting does not ultimately resolve the issue a TAC agent will request an RMA with a summary of issue/TS complete, and a member of the TAC leadership team will have approved the RMA and identified CTI code(s).

When viewing the ticket in ZD after an RMA has been approved, you'll note that fields in the left have been edited to indicate:

RMA Type: 

Swap (warranty-related, this means the member will send their problematic phone back to us)

Replace (we will not be receiving the original phone back)

Part (the member needs a SIM card or charger)

Accessory Return (the member is returning an accessory)

RMA Reason:

This is a general topic describing the issue and includes: Bluetooth, Camera, Cellular, Charging Port, Display, and other general hardware descriptions.

CTI Code:

Outlined here, and based off of RMA reason: Click on CTI Codes


RMA Disposition:

Internal 14 Day Warranty

Post 14 Day Warranty

No Warranty Customer Purchase - BYOP


The TAC mentor/lead will then communicate to the member that we will need to replace their device; at this time they verify the member's preferred shipping address, the phone number of the phone we are replacing (as a final check that we're replacing the correct phone) and further instructions on returning the defective device to our return center:

This macro used by the mentor/lead will trigger the ticket to be routed to the RMA queue PENDING response, as a SWAP. When the member replies with the requested information, we are then ready to view the ticket in Views> Queues:: RMA as a an RMA Type: Swap:



SWAP Research

While we begin to follow the SOP for processing an RMA, we need to remember to identify certain information in order to process a SWAP replacement correctly:

  • The phone (model/color/GB/GSM or CDMA) we are replacing and its original order
  • If we replacing the phone with an A or B stock replacement (if originally purchased w/in 14 days - A-stock. B-stock w/in 1 year)
  • If the RMA has been approved and if so, are there any special considerations noted in the ticket

Within the ticket you'll find the IMEI/MEID that TAC was troubleshooting and was approved to be replaced. This is typically located in the RMA Request Form: 

Or in the RMA Review: 


Before a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Replacement & Research

There are a few situations where we use the process of Replacing a phone. This varies from a SWAP because we are only sending out a phone, we're not receiving one in return.

As you notes from the SWAP SOP process, while setting up the RR/RMA we are the ones who let the system know if 1) a phone is being returned to us 2) the member will be charged for damages to the phone coming back to us, and 3) we are charging the member for the replacement.

In Lost/Stolen/Damaged Replacement the original phone is not coming back to us (unless damaged in shipping and they should/cannot be charged for a "returning phone." If we're charging the member for a replacement, it's because we can't replace the phone under warranty but we can help them out by offering eligible members b-stock options.

Upcoming are examples of research prior to process a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Replacement:

Lost/Stolen/Damaged (Not Member's Fault i.e.  during shipping)


Lost/Stolen/Damaged (member's fault, eligible for purchasing a b-stock)

Lost/Stolen/Damaged (Not Member's Fault i.e.  during shipping)

These situations are covered in Shipping Issues, Forward Logistics and How to Process an RMA but we'll cover them here in brief. Identifying a lost in shipment or delivered but not received is straight forward. 

A member writes in to tell us that their order has not been delivered, but it's been longer than times listed in our Shipping information page.

To verify that the order has been lost/stolen prior to receipt by member:

1. Locate the member's order from OW by directing to the Orders tab:









2. Orders of phones or big ticket items will always appear as One-Time Charge, and typically more than $70; clicking the Order Number will take you into the order details:

3. Here, in Order Details we look at the item(s) purchased, and open the tracking information link "in a new a tab."

4. With the tracking open in a new tab, click on the Transaction Details in OW to see Date Shipped:

5. Verify that the phone is not active on another service line by clicking on the Model listed in the Order to be taken to Device Records:

In the ticket, you're going want to link to the order, the tracking information and now verify that the tracking shows the package delivered, Package is Awaiting Pick-Up Scan, Location Currently Un-Available or Carrier is Investigating as Lost Shipment (these situation may require slightly different processes beyond replacing the member's lost/stolen phone).

In this case, tracking shows us that the package was delivered 2/1/2017:


 Today is 2/2/17 so it's been nearly a business day. 

In preparing for our reply to the member, we will change the ticket from Question to Task and set a due date of 2 business days out. We'll want to ask the member to search surrounding areas, including around the home, bushes, with neighbors or a leasing office.We need to wait two business days to allow time for package to resurface.

Submit the Ticket On-Hold without a "hold" tag. 

The member has checked around for two business days, but the phone is still no where to be found. We want to get the member set up as quickly as possible with an a-stock replacement.

Before processing the RMA, for Lost/Stolen/Damaged related to shipping, we need to report it to Forward Logistics using this Google form:


Lost/Stolen/Damaged Replacement (member's fault, eligible for purchasing a b-stock)

We have a special stock of b-stock phones that we hold and offer to members who have service lines that may or may not have had multiple devices on them, but have never been canceled. While it sounds confusing, identifying whether or not we can offer a b-stock device to a member is as simple as viewing Purchase orders for either the lost/stolen/damaged device associated with the service line that has Replace as an option or even a deactivated phone w/Replace as an option. Ex: 

Direct to the member's Opsware account, identify the device with an issue and make an internal/mental note of the service line ID. The easiest way to do this is remember the last 4 digits of the SL ID:

Then, direct to the Account Timeline tab:

Match the Target ID that includes the SL ID, and click on the Order Number:

If the order has "Replace" as an option, then make an internal note including the order number and that replace is an option. 

If "Replace" is not an option, send: Lost or Stolen or Damaged Phone options -MotoMaker Phones.

Send the member the macro: technical assistance > Escalation/Transfer > full reply > Moto Care (help) MotoCare - Damaged Repair

Hi Emily,

It appears that there is some form of physical or cosmetic damage to your device. In situations such as this, your device may be able to be repaired (however, this is not a service that Republic Wireless offers at this time).

Motorola may be able to repair this device for you, but you would need to contact them directly for help. There are a few different ways to contact Motorola:

If you would rather purchase a new or replacement device directly from Republic Wireless instead, or have any further questions, please let us know. We would be happy to give you those options and prices.


Please note that we only offer 3.0 B-stock phones. We also do not accept returns for B-stock replacements, as all purchases are final. (If a B-stock phone received as a replacement does turn out to be defective as well, we may replace it if the ORIGINAL phone is within its 1-year guarantee.)


If the phone being replaced is in the 14 day money back guarantee, what kind of phone will we typically send them?

  • B-stock
  • A-stock
  • C-stock

If the phone being replaced was purchased 6 months ago, what kind of phone will we typically send them?

  • B-stock
  • C-stock
  • A-stock
  • Trick question: No phone will be sent.

What kind of phone will we send as a replacement if the member is requesting to have their phone replaced which they bought 2 years ago?

  • No phone will be sent, as the phone is outside of both the guarantee and the warranty periods. This would only be considered in courtesy situations.
  • A-stock
  • C-stock
  • B-stock

How to Process the RMA

Now we can process the RMA!

Considerations while processing RMAs (SWAP or Charge for replacement):

Things that void a warranty:

Rooting or modifying phone's ROM. 

Physical or liquid damage


All replacements are shipped either UPS Next Day Air Saver shipping or with UPS Residential Ground shipping. We can only ship replacements to physical addresses, no PO boxes. We can't ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

"Am I going to be charged for my original phone?"

Our returns team will be inspecting the phone you return. They are very reasonable with their judgments. They are not looking for the smallest thing to charge people form. You will only be charged if there is a serious issue with the phone that was not caused by the manufacturer. 

* If a member is charged, we'll glad look into why. We can even ask supply chain to provide us with pictures of the damage: Requesting a Photo of Triage Results

If their phone is dead, really dead, so the cannot Factory Reset before return, they shouldn't be charged, but if they are, we'll look into what we can do to assist. (Member charged incorrectly for damage fee)

If a member's phone could have been reset, but was not then there is additional information here: 

Pin-Lock Request from Customer

Device KillSwitch Enabled - Request to Ship Device Back to Customer

"What is my phone gets lost in the mail on the way to you?"

Lost Return Shipments - FedEx Claims

"Are you going to send me a b-stock phone?"

We want to be honest with members. Yes, if outside of the 14 days for a warranty replacement, we'll be sending a b-stock/certified pre-owned phone. Here's a statement on these phones: 

Refurbished / Republic Wireless Certified Pre-owned phones (a.k.a. B-stock) may have been used for testing or tried by a customer and returned to us, but can't be sold as new, and are available for reactivation with our service.
Certified Pre-owned phones are put through a rigorous 50+ point inspection process, and they will only pass this process if they are in fine cosmetic and operational "like new" condition. Certified Pre-owned phones come as originally packaged and include all box contents.  

"But I should be getting brand new replacement!" -other pushback

We can send our Terms and Conditions: especially drawing attention to Article 5 Section (b). Basically, they are sending us a used phone. So we are sending them a used phone as well!

Ultimately, most pushback should go to CA- HT&E

Pushback Related to "But my phone is within warranty!"

Let's give the member the benefit of the doubt, and research to see if it is! If so, send back to TAC with internal notes. 

If not, explain to the member when they purchased it, when their 1-yr warranty did end. If it's MotoMaker/BYOP, explain we are unable to replace a phone that was not purchased from us. A b-stock we sent out as a replacement continues to hold the 1-yr from the originally purchased phone. 

"Charge for Replacement" B-stocks come with a 14-day warranty, but no money back- all sales are final but we'll help out where we can. 

"I just bought this phone, what is wrong with it?"

Scan TAC internal notes to see if you can further explain what is wrong with it. Ask a TAC agent!

"Why can't this be fixed?"

Because we are not the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) we can only troubleshoot to the point that we've determined the issue is hardware related, and may be addressed by the OEM. While we can't fix the device, we can replace it (if warranty RMA, TAC must approve).

Once the member has verified their address, we'll now be ready to process an RMA for the member

Follow the steps in SOP, depending on the situation:

How To Process an RMA

How to Replace an Undelivered or Lost Order

When choosing CTI code on the left-hand side of Zendesk, including SWAP & Lost/Stolen/Damaged (not a member's fault), match the your ticket with the same or similar situation and enter CTI category & Code, Submission Reason, Return Status and RMA Charge Behavior as listed below:





CTI Cat. & Code


Submission Reason


Return Status


RMA Charge Behavior

All SWAP RMAs CTI Cat & Code listed in ticket Warranty Replacement Awaiting Equipment Do Not Charge For Replacement
  • For Lost in Shipment AND the phone is deactivated.
  • For Delivered but Not Received AND the phone is deactivated.
  • For Lost in Shipment AND the phone is activated on a different account.
  • For Delivered but Not Received AND the phone is activated on a different account.
Phone Powers On/Off & 034: Will Not Power On Delivered but not received Equipment Not Returned Do not charge for replacement
All Other Exceptions Cannot make or receive calls & 024: My phone cannot receive calls Courtesy Replacement Equipment Not Returned Inside 2 months - Do Not Charge
Outside 2 months - Charge for Damage
Lost/Stolen/Damaged member's fault, REPLACE is an option Cosmetic Damage & 099:  OEM cosmetic issue, unacceptable to customer OR Out of Warranty 083: Physical Damage Courtesy Replacement Equipment Not Returned Charge for Replacement


Use your research to always include the following three things in your internal note regarding either charge for replacement or SWAP:

Macro: RMA: SWAP internal 

  • RR#
  • Device ID of the phone you replaced/swapped (originally ordered & returning to us)
  • Charge behavior of the RR (charge for replacement or charge for damage)

Once this information is noted in the account, we can then communicate to the member that their replacement phone is on its way, and the steps they need to take to return the original phone: 




If a member says they did not receive the shipping label to return their phone, direct Opsware to the RR, and open the "tracking number" in a new tab- you can Print the shipping label, which will allow you to save it as a PDF on your computer. Then, attach the shipping label to your reply to the member. If the member already printed and lost the label, then we should created an exception label and include the RR number:

Noodle:How To: A Guide to Create a Return Shipping Label
KCS: How to Create and Print a FedEx Shipping Label in Opsware

How many SIM type options are there?

  • 3
  • 5
  • 6
  • 2
  • 4

How many SIM type options are GSM?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Which SIM card option will select an CSIM type SIM card?

  • CDMA CZ601001C
  • CDMA CZ601001Q
  • V2 Devices

Which SIM card option will select an ISIM type SIM card?

  • CDMA CZ601001C
  • CDMA CZ601001Q
  • V2 Devices

What is the importance of noting the defect the phone is being replaced for when processing an RMA in Opsware?

RMA Follow-up and CSAT

Last thing!

We've found that following up with warranty replacements...

really, really improves our CSAT. You can help! Just make sure each RMA (warranty replacement) you submit is set to TASK for the next business day, and check the RR to see if the member received and activated their replacement. If they have not, send them their tracking info and let them know we want to assist if they have any issues activating their phone.

If they have activated it, let them know you see that they have, check that everything is going well with it, and if they have any questions you'll be happy to help them out. 

Always take ticket off TASK, and switch back to Question; add 72_hour_monitor tag, and submit On-hold. 

There's a lot more information on the Sharepoint, just search RMA Follow Up or see these articles:

How to Follow-Up an RMA: Delivered Not Activated

How to Follow-Up an RMA: Delivered and Activated

After processing an RMA, who should you assign the ticket to?

  • Yourself
  • Your Supervisor
  • The TAC mentor who approved the RMA
  • Heather Peredes

When following up on an RMA you process a day or two ago, you see that the phone has been shipped but has NOT been activated. What should your response to the member include?

  • Instructions for activating a 3.0 phone
  • A closing statement and an offer to answer any other questions or address any other concerns
  • The defect reason for why the phone was RMA'd

After processing an RMA and writing up your response to the member to let them know their replacement phone is on the way, what status do you submit the ticket as?

  • On hold as a task for the next business day
  • On hold
  • Pending
  • Open
  • New
  • Closed
  • Solved
  • On hold as a task for Monday of the next week

What is the title of the article that is a guide for agents when a member claims they were charged incorrectly for their replacement?

What is the title of the article that is a guide for MEMBERS if they suspect they were charged incorrectly for their replacement?

What damage "level" would minor scratches/dings on the casing (sides, back) of the phone be classified as?

  • Level 1 damage
  • Level 2 damage
  • Level 3 damage

Minor cracks on the screen and dents on the casing (sides, back) of phone would be classified as what level of damage?

  • Level 1 damage
  • Level 2 damage
  • Level 3 damage

What damage "level" would missing phone, water damage, damaged/broken parts (e.g. USB port, headphone port), rooted/software compromised, screen lock not turned off, or other be classified as?

  • Level 1 damage
  • Level 2 damage
  • Level 3 damage

Focus on Ticket Tone

Ticket Tone is KEY!

How we sound:

•We talk like people talk.

•We put people first.

•We show empathy.


Republic’s tone is:


QA pushes us toward excellence! Category 1. Processing

The only way to fail QA is to provide a member with incorrect information or process their request incorrectly.
Internal Notes - Yes, No or Partial. SOPs may require especially where account changes are made (this is part of CPNI), but we should always include. Sharepoint> CA Internal Note Macros

Correct Steps - Did we provide the member the correct information and handle the request according to the SOP? Yes, No, Partial.

All questions answered - if a member asked a pointed question(s) did we address these specifically? Yes, No, Partial.

Category 2. Must-haves

Grammar and spelling - Was our communication professional? Did our spelling/grammatical mistakes cloud our presented information? Yes, No, Partial.

Correct Opening/Closing - We open all tickets with "Hi [member's name]," capitalize proper nouns & names! All tickets should end
[your first name]" This section we either did use a correct open/close or we did not (Yes, No).

Category 3. Personality & Tone

Paraphrase - Did we make clear to the member that we understand their concern/issue and assure them of a timely resolution (if necessary). Yes, No

Friendly - are we being personable? Yes, No, Partial

Empathy - Where needed, are we attempting to put ourselves in the member’s shoes? Yes, No

Mirror language - Did we communicate the information at a digestible level? Yes, No

QA is a formula and you'll find your own pace/tone to make QA a breeze


Paraphrase + Empathy. Grammar and spelling

Mirror language + Correct Steps. Grammar and spelling.

 All questions answered. Grammar and spelling.