How to complete pup intake inspections

This course will teach you how to complete an accurate pup intake inspection form. This is important to the business to ensure that we know of any and all injuries or concerns that the pup arrived with prior to coming for daycare, boarding, or grooming. 

Step 1: Taking the dog from the owner

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Handling a Pup correctly at intake

When accepting a new or returning pup you must ensure that you have the pup under your control. This includes the way you handle the leash, observe the pups demeanor and properly escote the pup to the kennel area for the pup intake form. 

Starting the intake.

During the intake inspection, you should complete the form for the pup inspection and document any and all concerns or injuries the pup may have arrived with, and email pictures of all concerns to [email protected] If the pup has an injury or a concern that needs immediate vet care, you must notify a member of management and follow the direction of that management member.

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Putting the pup in the proper area

After completing the intake process, and the pup is cleared for it's stay, you should move the pup to its proper area of the facility. Pups are to be placed in their proper kennel, dog daycare area or specified grooming location. 

If the dog does not meet our inspection, it should be fully documented, with photos and the owner called after speaking with a member of management. 

First Check the pup into the system for daycare, boarding or grooming at arrived.