BB Test 2

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BB16 History

What date was the BB16 commisioned?

Who sank the BB16?

Where was BB16 decommissioned?

What date was BB16 decommissioned?

BB16 was used to demonstrate what belief?

When and where was BB6 sunk?

Who's belief in air power and aerial bombardment used BB16 to prove his point?

Ships Specs

What is the maximum design speed in knots?

What is the fuel capacity in gallons?

With full fuel how many days can the ship travel at Full Speed?

OOD is short for ___________  ____  _____  ___________

OOD is short for

Forward Berthing

Select the image that shows a Bullseye as used on the New Jersey Battleship?

Identify all C.I.W.S. in the image below?

Quarter Deck

What is the Length of the anchor chain

How much does the Anchor weigh?

History of USS New Jersey (BB-62)

What is the date of the first commissioning of BB-62?

BB-62 was the _________ of the 4 Iowa class battleships to be built?

What date was the final decommissioning?

How many active duty years did BB-62 have?

How many campaign and battle stars were earned during BB-62's four commissioning's?

True or False question title?

Over _________ sailors called USS New Jersey home during her active service?

What date did construction on New Jersey began?

What date was the USS New Jersey Launched?

What dates were the New Jersey first commission from?

Who was New Jersey's first commanding officer (CO) officer?

New Jersey's first flag officer was?

The Marianas Turkey Shoot was also known as the Battle _________?

Who was the New Jersey state native to assume command of the 3rd Fleet?

Leyte (LAY-tay) Gulf became the _______________ naval battle in human history?

What was the name of the largest naval battle in human history?

True or False




Typhoon Cobra claimed how many destroyers?

On 27 January 1945 what happened to Admiral Halsey's flag?

Admiral Halsey's flag was lowered on what date?

Formal surrender of the Japanese was held on which battleship?

Formal surrender of the Japanese was held in what bay?


USS New Jersey first decommissioning was done at Bayonne on what date?

What were the dates of BB-62's second commission?

BB-62 was recommissioned for Korean War on what date?

While in Korea Seaman First Class Robert Osterwind was killed. How many were injured?

In regards to the ship being fired upon while off of Wonsan Korea on 21 May 1951.

What was the name of the ships first African-American officer?

Lieutenant Louis A. Ivey, ships first African-American officer, reported aboard on what date?

USS New Jersey was decommissioned for the 2nd time on what date?

How many Battle stars did BB-62 recieve during Vietnam?

    How many Battle stars did BB-62 recieve during Vietnam?

    Questions are for the Vietnam commission era.