Managing Your Team

This course is intended to develop the knowledge on RDSSM Management.  In this course we will cover the following Topics.

1. How to select a right RDSSM

2. RDSSM induction

3. How to Set right Target to RDSSM

4. How to communicate target effectively to RDSSM

5. What do you need to consider in BTL while setting Target

6. Effective communication of Schemes in Market

7. Planning key initiatives of the month

8. How do we make sure ALL RDSSM earns incentives 

9.Process of Weekly / Daily Tracking performance

10. In Market Coaching

11. How to manage your TL/CAT

12. Finally how to you manage your team motivation 

How to set Right Target to RDSSM

Setting Right Target : Setting right target & Communicating at right time is the very first and important process for achieving the month goal. have you had any of these questions in your mind before?

1. This RDSSM decided in his mind that this number is too high and difficult to achieve 2.Some of my RDSSMs decided not to stretch during middle of the month and stopped putting fight

if your answer is yes, then there are certain things that we need to correct from our side first. When I feel that the target is realistic and the RDSSM is not feeling so.. then it indicates that we we need to show him the way

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