High Cyber Risk Travel Advisory

This course is meant for employees traveling to high cyber-risk locations. In such circumstances employees need to go beyond standard security measures and be extra vigilant. This course outlines both mandatory expectations as well as common sense guidelines that employees should adhere to.

Introduction: Loose Lips Sink Ships!

High Cyber-Risk Locations

No Expectation of Privacy

The Security Mindset

What are some things to remember about high cyber-risk locations?

Pre-Travel Preparation: Through the Looking Glass.

Obtain Burner or Loaner Devices

Prepare For Emergencies

Always Have a Backup Plan

What should you do before traveling to a high cyber-risk locations?

Once On Site: In the Heart of Darkness.

Defensive Browsing

Protecting Information and Assets

Physical Security

Employees should adhere to the following when on site at a high cyber-risk location:

Post-Travel Cleanup: Mission Complete!

Once back from a high cyber-risk location employees should: