Lost and Found: Language Attrition in Children and Adolescents


Language Attrition: A New Field of Research

Language attrition is formally recognized as a field of academic research in 1980 at the Conference on the Attrition of Language Skills in Pennsylvania (Tomiyama, 2000). 

Research Questions

  • Is the age that a learner acquires a second language a predictor of attrition? 
  • Is the learning environment a factor in attrition?
  • Does the age that a learner loses contact with the second language impact attrition? 
  • Is there an order or pattern to language loss (i.e., do learners lose vocabulary before grammar)? 
  • Is language attrition sudden or gradual? 
  • Can second language attrition be repaired? 
  • What are the strategies for re-learning a second language? 
  • Is it possible for language to truly be lost? 

Findings in L2 Attrition Research

Language Attrition Typology

van Els (1986) Framework 

Language Attrition Patterns

  • Attained Proficiency 
  • Vocabulary vs Grammar 
  • Critical Threshold
  • Interface Hypothesis
  • Regression Hypothesis 
  • Productive vs Receptive Skills
  • Attrition Curve
  • Activation Threshold
  • Principle and Parameters Theory



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