Project Planning - The Communication Plan

The word communication is derived from the latin word communis and means common.  When communicating with people we are trying to achieve “commonness” by trying to share information, an idea or drive certain behavior among a team involved in a particular project.

This module concentrates on the importance of effective communication in a project team.  It has been proven that effective communication results in better project management.  The module will also focus on the dangers of ineffective or lack of communication in a project team.

Developing a Project Communication Plan

Select one or more correct steps to follow when creating the Project Communication Plan.

  1. A project communication plan

The purpose of a project communication plan is to connect every member of the project team to a common set of strategies, goals and actions that are required to ensure the success of a project.  These components must be effectively communicated by the project leader and understood by all stakeholders to avoid failed project outcomes and project budgets being placed at risk.

Drafting the project communication plan

Background:  create a clear picture by describing the project landscape.  Explain the end state of the project and what the expectations are of the finalized project.  This is a story that must be told to get buy-in from all stakeholders

Analyse the plan:  determine the strengths and weaknesses in the communication plan by performing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the plan. Research different methods of communication. 

Determine who the stakeholders are:  Make a list of all the stakeholders in the project, define their role in the project, define what they need to know about the project and the frequency of communication.  Share this list with all stakeholders for input.

Key messages:  define key messages to the different stakeholders by prioritizing important project data points and define who this information is shared with. 

  • Assume all Stakeholders understand the Communication plan
  • Determine who the stakeholders are
  • Define Key Messages
  • Ignore all input from stakeholders
  • The Project Communication Plan must only be communicated to the Project team once at the beginning of the project