Civilian Project Manager Screening

This screening tool is designed to help create awareness that you may have the experience to become a civilian Project Manager. There is no specific passing score; it is meant only to help you determine if you want to pursue a career as a Project Manager.

This is only a starting point, and should be followed up by attending our weekly webinar "The Missing TAP Class" to fully understand if you will be able to meet the experience requirements of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in order to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam.

A "project" is a temporary endeavor to produce a unique product, service, or result. If that sounds a lot like a "mission", then you are correct: Mission Accomplishment = Project Management! 

If, within the last 8 years, you have led and/or directed project tasks to accomplish a mission, then you have project management experience! Some examples of military "projects" include:

All of these missions/projects can be broken down into 5 broad process groups, and this screening tool will help you assess your experience in each:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring & Controlling
  5. Closing

So, think about your similar experiences as you take this screening. If you led or directed any part of the types of missions/projects you see on this list, then you were doing project management. Don't sell yourself short - we know military people have tons of project management experience, regardless of rank or job skill; you just might not know it! And, that's exactly why we started Vets2PM!

Civilian Project Manager Screening

Initiating: Have you ever identified the people or units required to support a mission/project, analyzed their role and concerns, and informed them of the key project goals, milestones, and their responsibilities during the mission/project?

Initiating: Have you ever identified the high-level risks, assumptions, and constraints for a mission/project in order to propose an implementation strategy, get buy-in from everyone involved, and obtain approval from the sponsor/senior/commander?

Planning: Have you ever identified risks to a mission/project and developed a plan to to manage risk, including strategies and contingent response plans to keep the project on track?

Planning: Have you ever assessed the detailed requirements of a mission/project and developed a plan to obtain and manage all the resources to make sure all of the work was accomplished on time and within quality standards?

Executing: Have you ever managed mission/project task execution by acquiring resources, developing & leading a team, and managing the flow of communications to ensure mission/project success?

Executing: Have you ever implemented risk strategies and contingent response plans on a mission/project ?

Monitoring & Controlling: Have you ever measured mission/project performance and implemented changes to ensure the mission/project goals were met?

Monitoring & Controlling: Have you ever captured, analyzed and managed lessons learned or after action reports to enable future improvements?

Closing: Have you ever obtained final acceptance of a mission/project result from the appropriate people/units or sponsor/senior/commander and transferred ownership of the result to them?

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