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2 or 3 Compartment Sink Installation/ Plumbing

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Auto-Dilution Installation Requirements

  • 2 or 3 Comp Sink
  • We have potentially 2 concerns at a Food Service site when it comes to installing an auto-dilution unit.
  1. Can the faucet actually be adapted? Is there a Spray Arm or does the faucet have a fitting at the base of the faucet arm to attach it to the tap set?
  2. If the faucet can be modified, what size adaptor is required (T&S, Chicago or Fisher)?
  • There are 4 potential situations you may encounter when determining if/ how to proceed with an auto dilution installation.


Potentially Incompatible

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can the faucet be adapted?

  • If the current faucet is commercial grade (Fig 1), it should have a fitting that would indicate the arm can be unscrewed from the tap set.
  • If the faucet is a residential style, and there is no way of separating the arm and tap set, then the site cannot accommodate the new dilution unit and will require a new faucet (Fig 2)

Compatible (Fig 1)

Incompatible (Fig 2)

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Faucet - Compatible

  • If the site does not have a faucet that is compatible with the add on faucet
  1. Take pictures of the faucet and sink
  2. Notify CCIS for direction
  3. If approved, proceed with mounting the dilution unit, racks, tubing, wall charts and MSDS binder.
  4. Provide detailed recap and recommendations for the Restaurant to make plumbing accommodations.

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Spray Arm - Compatible

  • If the site has a spray arm installed:
  1. Remove the spray neck
  2. Insert brass T-Connector to connect the water supply hose to the dispenser

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Commercial Faucet - Compatible

(Fig 3)

  • If the site does not have a spray arm, but does have a faucet that can accommodate the adaptor:
  1. Remove the faucet arm
  2. Determine what size adaptor is required (Fig 1- T&S, Chicago or Fisher) to attach the ‘add on faucet’ (Fig 2) to the tap set.
  3. Install the Add On Faucet (included in the kit)
  4. Attach the new faucet arm to the add on faucet. (Fig 3)