GhostPractice Accounts Assessment

This is an internal assessment to determine the level of your GhostPractice accounting knowledge

GhostPractice Accounts Assessment

1. The two modules in which you can capture receipts in GhostPractice are:

  • A) Fees and File Notes
  • B) Online Receipts
  • C) Disbursements
  • D) Batch Receipts

2. The shortcut for the Receipts module is:

  • A) Alt + Shift + R
  • B) Ctrl + Alt + R
  • C) Ctrl + Shift + R
  • D) Ctrl + R

3. The two tabs on the left of the Online Receipts screen are:

  • A) Requisitions
  • B) Requests
  • C) Receipts
  • D) Deposits

4. When would you select the ‘Client’ option in the ‘Received for’ section of the Online Receipts module?

  • A) When posting receipts to a client in GP
  • B) When posting receipts for multiple matters belonging to the same client
  • C) When posting receipts for a trust transfer for a client
  • D) You should never use this option

5. The date selected in the Online Receipts module should always be the:

  • A) The date on which the transaction is being captured
  • B) The date on which the transaction occurred
  • C) The date on the source document
  • D) The date on which month-end will be run