SECA Fencing Coach Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is made concerning inter-departmental matters and working procedures, for the purpose on reinforcing the discipline of the coach team to improve training qualities and motivating all coaches as well as to boost the efficiency

Code of Conduct

  1. Staff who has serious problems of late attendance and early leaving of work shallreceive penalty. The penalty policy is that for the first time, warning letter fromHR department will be sent. The second time, full-attendance bonus will be cancelled.And for the third time, the staff will be terminated.
  2. A 50RMB cash penalty will be applied on the staff who refuses to wear company uniformas requested.
  3. A 200RMB cash penalty will be applied on the staff who receives serious parents’complaints after verification.
  4. Coaches cannot leave the training area without permission during classes and arenot allowed to bring mobile phones or check mobile phones during training sessions.Oral warning will be given for the first-time violation. 100RMB cash penalty will be applied for the second-time violation.
  5. Discussions about the company or the training style of other coaches in public areforbidden. 200RMB cash penalty will be applied if such conducts are found.
  6. Coaches shall make sure to keep the training area clean and be in order each dayafter training sessions. Please report the broken equipment to center managers formaintenance to ensure the daily trainings to be carried out successfully. 50RMB cashpenalty will be applied for the serious violation of this policy.
  7. For safety, mask and protective clothing must be worn if the weapon is in hand.Coaches shall wear all protective gadgets when delivering the classes. 100RMB cashpenalty will be applied for the violation of this policy.
  8. Coaches shall be full of spirit when delivering the class. Behaviors showing laziness,such as leaning on the wall, or sitting on a chair while giving classes are forbidden.Smoking and drinking alcohol before giving the class is forbidden.
  9. Coaches shall behave in a professional manner at all times when in the fencing centerand at competitions.For tournaments, they are to be considered "working" from the time you leave yourpersonal residence until you return to your home and professional behaviour isexpected during that time.
  10. No drinking alcohol during business hours on days you are working.
  11. No Smoking in the BUILDING of the centers. Smoking must be done OUTSIDE the buildingwith the DOOR SHUT BEHIND YOU.

What penalty from the company you will get for lateness, leave early?  (Only one answer)

  • Start exit procedure right away
  • Lose perfect attendance bonus and notice to all
  • Written warning from HR
  • Written warning from HR for the first time, lose perfect attendance bonus and notice to all for the second time, start exit procedure right away.

What coaches must do when they enter into premises? (More than one answer)

  • They must wear uniform with SECA logo on when enter
  • Do not bring cellphone into training group, do not leave training place on your own.
  • Play cellphone when students are during break
  • All coaches should do is standing around, arrange the tasks and let students go do them.
  • Equipment must be put away after use, ensure the place is neat before the start of next class.

To ensure the safety of the training, what coaches should do? (More than one answer)

  • As long as it’s not real bouting, we can allow two students not to wear masks.
  • It is normal for students to run around and kicking balls during break at the playground. They can do whatever they want during break
  • During training as long as two students are playing against each other they must wear fencing suits and masks, their point of sword must pointing down outside of training.
  • U12 students must wear hard-surface protective plate.

Discuss the way other coaches train their students behind the scene, which of the following statement you think are right? (More than one answer)

  • It’s okay we are only talking about techniques, not offending the coach.
  • It’s going to affect the relationship among the coach team, creating malicious rivalry
  • Even though what you said is right, but discuss others behind the scene is disrespectful.
  • It’s going to affect the image of the company in front of our students.