Welcome to Ice River Springs!


Since we started the company some years ago, hard work, dedication, and an unrelenting focus on our customers have been the behaviours at the cornerstone of our success.  As we have grown, we have re-invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and have relied upon our talented employee team to deliver quality products to our customers throughout North America.

As we proceed into the future, we are excited about having employees engaged in the business and making decisions which support our on-going growth. 

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment

Upon completion of the probationary period, all regular full-time employees are eligible for enrollment into the company benefit program.

This plan includes the following:

  • · Life & AD/D Insurance
  • · Long Term Disability
  • · Medical
  • · Dental
  • · Global Medical Assistance
  • · Para Medical

In order to set you up for your benefits, you will need to complete the Benefits Enrollment form now.

SLF Benefit Enrollment


Lockout video

Fill in the Blank

The of plant and equipment before work is carried out is commonly referred to as a lockout.

What is the purpose of a Lockout?

  • To remove or neutralize all hazardous energy sources that are present.
  • To keep machinery off-line as long as possible during maintenance.
  • To prevent the accidental activation of any hazardous energy source until the lockout has been completed.

Fill in the blank

Who was the person in the 1st row on the far right? 


Untitled statement question

  • I acknowledge that I have completed all sections of this orientation
  • I acknowledge that I have received and completed all forms identified in this orientation