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Buzz Brief 9th July

Peak is here! it's busy and there is a lot of important information that you need to be aware of so here's a quick reminder of the most important  news of the last few days

New Bundle Deals

We now have bundle deals available on our Website. 

Bundle deal mailer offers

Mailers have been distributed offering deals on these new bundles using codes MEGA_58: MEGA_32 and MEGA_24 - a slightly different format to our usual codes. Make sure you include the underscore or the code won't work

ST20 blades

Packs of 20 - OOS except for a small supply to be used at the discretion of the team leaders for escalations. More stock will be received early July, any orders taken will be placed on back order

eBike plus free battery offer

This offer has been withdrawn due to stock issues. The adverts do state the offer is subject to availability so all we can do is apologise to unhappy customer and explain the offer has been very popular

Buzz Brief Check

  • ST20 blades are free for life
  • Scented tabs are automatically added with the marketing code