You will be learning about the ecolabels that you can find on the different kinds of food and other products that you can find in the grocery store. 


Fairtrade Products come from farmers in developing countries. The farmers are paid a fair amount.  There was no child labour involved.

A developing country is a country is a country that is not as developed industrially as Sweden, for example. Some developing countries are Morocco, Ecuador, India, or Colombia

Where do fairtrade products come from?

Fairtrade products come from .

How much are the farmers paid?

The farmers are paid 


Krav ecolabel

  • Natural environment
  • Care for animals
  • Good health
  • Organic farming

What does organic mean? Watch the video

Krav ecolabel means that

  • Food is organic
  • Farmers take good care of the animals
  • Food is good for your health
  • Food come from a natural environment
  • All of the above

In your own words, explain what are some characteristics of organic food.


Euroleaf ecolabel shows that the food is  organic. It tells us that at least 95% of ingredients that make the food are organic. It is used in  the European Union.  The Euroleaf symbolizes Europe and nature (the 12 stars form a leaf).

What does the Euroleaf tell us?

  • The Euroleaf symbolizes
    Europe and nature.
  • At least 95% of the
    ingredients in the food are organic
  • The Euroleaf shows us that
    the food is organic.


Nyckelhål simply tells you that the food is good for your health. It is found in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Nyckelhål helps you choose healthy food. Watch the video

Which of these is true about Nyckelhål?

  • Nyckelhål helps you choose healthy food.
  • Nyckelhål tells you that food is organic.
  • Nyckelhål tells you that the food you are buying is a healthy choice.
  • Nyckelhål tells you that the food is made in Sweden, Denmark or Norway.

Marine Stewardship Council

This symbol is found on fish and seafood. It tells us that the fish is safe to eat. It also tells us that the fish comes from a sustainable fishery (able to be maintained for a very long time, the fish will not disappear).

What does "sustainable" mean? Watch the video.


The Marine Stewardship Council tells us that

  • the fish is safe to eat.
  • the fish is organic.
  • the fish is made in Sweden.
  • the fish comes from a sustainable fishery.

The Swan Nordic Ecolabel (Svanenmärkt)

This label is not found on food. It is found on personal hygiene items, household chemical goods (examples: envelopes, paper, soap, dishwashing detergent, deodorants). It means that the item is not bad for the environment.

Give an example of items where you have seen the Swan label.