Quizalize Basics

Hi there! Welcome to Quizalize Basics for Certified Educators!

We've found that teachers trust the experiences of other teachers and learn best from them. That's why we're excited that you've decided to become a Quizalize Certified Educator.

We want to equip you with the tools you need to get the most out of your Quizalize experience and so you can be prepared to answer questions that other teachers might have.


Quizalize vs. Zzish

What is Quizalize?

Quizalize is a fun and engaging way to quiz your students with competitive classroom games or at home. Quizalize is cloud-based so it can work with any device.

Once your students have taken the quiz, you can easily analyze the results and get instant insights into who needs help and what they need help with while tracking long-term progress, improvement and curriculum mastery! 

What is Zzish?

As Certified Educators presenting Quizalize to other educators, you may be asked what's the difference between Quizalize and Zzish.

Simply put, Zzish is the parent company behind the Quizalize app and provides that data and insights that make Quizalize the top choice for formative assessments and differentiation.

In the future, our goal is to provide this same useful data for other educational apps and games you know and love.

What other tools do you currently use for formative assessments and differentiated instruction?

Logging in to Quizalize

Video: How to log-in to Quizalize


I can log-in to Quizalize in the following ways (check all that apply):

  • With my school email and a unique password
  • With my Google Classroom account
  • With my Office 365 account

Creating a class and adding students

Video: Creating a class and adding students


Find and click on the class code for the "Texas TEKS Demo" class

Creating and assigning activities

Video: Creating and assigning quizzes


Click on the section where a teacher can change the amount of time a student is allotted to answer a question?

Play a quiz in class

Video: Play a quiz in class


Match the name of the Quizalize game to its game type

  • Race to the finish
    Team vs. Team
  • Hoops
    Team vs. Computer


In order to play the game, students will type  into their web browser and enter  .

The all-knowing dashboards

Video: The all-knowing dashboards


On the "who needs help" view, the students are categorized into which three categories? (check all that apply)

  • Strong
  • Excellent
  • Almost there
  • Needs help


In the "what they need help with" view, teachers are encouraged to review the more difficult topics with the class, sharing how many students chose incorrect answers for each question without revealing student names.

The teacher can also see student names on this dashboard by clicking on what area of the screen in the photo below?


The "improvements" dashboard shows (check all that apply):

  • Improvement over multiple attempts on the same quiz
  • Overall class improvement
  • Individual student improvement
  • Improvement between two different quizzes


Which dashboard view allows you to record students' progress against curriculum or standards-based learning objectives such as the TEKS in Texas?

  • Subtopics dashboard
  • Gradebook view
  • Mastery dashboard
  • Improvements dashboard