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Dear EXCOM members, welcome to your YES Perform & Develop e-learning module!

This e-learning is part of 1-hour workshop to equip you for the 2018 year-end process. This session is segmented in 2 parts: 

  1. A refresher of Talent Management Concepts 
  2. A step by step guide for People review process

Your facilitator will walk you through this e-learning, follow the guidance and pace suggested. 

Good luck with the course!

Talent Management Concepts refresher

Talent identification tool refresher

Talent identification tools

Any 9-Box grid is intended to compare a group of employees and assist collective decision-making within people reviews in order to agree on people segmentation .

Performance Grid

Assists Managers in determining the Employee's overall rating, which is a balanced combination of 

  • Results (what) : The Employee's business results assessed against the Business Goal set at the beginning of the year 
  •  Behaviors (how): The Employee's behavior, as assessed against the Leadership Framework

Potential Grid 

Positions the current capacity of an Employee to develop something in the future against his/her overall performance. 

* Yellow= where High Potential would normally be placed

Show more on Performance & Potential

Performance identification 

Performance level is based on results AND leadership competencies.

Overall performance will be plug in "potential grid" ordinate. 

Potential Identification  

High Potential at AXA can be identified on 

  • Their Capacity to grow
  • Or High Capacity to grow  

Potential will be map in the "potential grid" abscissa.

For each Employee profile find the correct Overall Performance rating

The combination of Behaviors (How) and Performance (What) determine the Overall Performance rating. 

And the Overall Performance rating will be evaluated against employee capacity to grow to identify one's Potential.  

  • Kylian: BEHAVIORS: Meet Expectations / RESULTS: Above Expectations
    Above Expectations
  • Paul: BEHAVIORS: Meet Expectations / RESULTS: Meet Expectations
    Meet Expectations
  • Samuel: BEHAVIORS Below Expectations / RESULTS: AboveExpectations
    Below Expectations
  • Steve: BEHAVIORS: Above Expectations / RESULTS: Meet Expectations
    Above Expectations

Scenario: Assessing Mission Criticality

Mission Critical : 

  • Mission Criticality is linked to a person, not a role/position. On Senior Executives levels, there may be a high correlation between some positions and the Mission Criticality of a person but there is no automatic link. [if ppt] 
  • Mission Critical segmentation should take into account the skills and competencies that the employee possesses holistically and over time and not only the ones that are displayed at a given moment. 
  • Having a rare skill is not enough. The skill has to be critical for AXA and difficult to replace.

Hands on People Review

Prepare your people review Step by Step

Show more ADE questionnaire

Once the dropdown items are entered, click on "View" to access the 9-box grids, where you can view and reposition the Employee if appropriate.

Use this view to validate your data before submiting 

Congratulation you have submited your People Review! 

Before the meeting, only Managers can adjust the employee’s positions directly within the grids. 

During Calibration, Managers and HR will align and calibrate each concerned Employee's performance, potential, risk & impact of loss and people segmentation. 

The Employees’ positioning on the grids does not  directly determine the Employees’ overall rating, which must be entered separately by the Manager in the Year-End Review Performance document.

To access a People Review:

  • I click on "Manage My Team Performance" icon
  • I click on "Manage My Team"

What is the correct process flow for People Review in the system

  • EXCOM inform Talent Management team by email of new HIPO and Mission Ciritical nominations
  • HR create a people review and define the scope to be reviwed
  • EXCOM access People review by system's email or directly from YES home
  • EXCOM review each concerned Employee : performance, potential, ADE, risk & Impact of loss and People Segmentation
  • EXCOM Submit his/her People Review before the deadline
  • HR & EXCOM conduct calibration meeting based on data input

Talent identification process and Performance evaluation are interlinked