Importing PowerPoint and Storing Files to My Library

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This a short guide for you on how to :

PowerPoint's journey to becoming a brand-new engaging course

How to create a course from a PowerPoint Presentation

There are only five easy steps to create a course from a PowerPoint Presentation.

1. Import a PowerPoint Presentation using this link:

2. Define learning objectives and structure a course from a PowerPoint Presentation

3. Design an interactive course from a PowerPoint Presentation

4. Add questions and edit feedback

5. Preview and publish

Click on the link to check out this course in action: How to cook brownies.

You can also have a closer look at the PowerPoint Presentation used to make this course.

Correctly order the stages of PowerPoint import into Easygenerator.

  • Import PowerPoint
  • Define objectives
  • Design a course
  • Add questions
  • Preview and publish

Storing files into My Library

Uploading files to My library

My Library is a storage where a course developer can upload images, audios, videos and documents and consequently reuse them while creating other courses in Easygenerator. 

Moreover, you can now preview all the files directly in the library and delete them if necessary.


Here are the video library storage options for different plans:

Free - Not available 
Starter - 1 Gb 
Academy, Enterprise - Unlimited 

Supported file types in Easygenerator

Easygenerator allows to upload specific image, video, and audio files as user content. 

Easygenerator will accept the following files:

My Library  File types
Image Library
  • jpeg 
  • bmp 
  • png
Audio Library
  • wma 
  • wmv     
Video Library
  • flv 
  • qt 
  • mpeg 
  • wmv 
  • mp4 
  • 3gp 

Drag files to the appropriate library folders

  • png
  • mp3
  • mp4


That's all for the course "Importing Files into Easygenerator"!

In this tutorial, you’ve explored the multiple possibilities of files import into Easygenerator. In short, you can import any type of files into Easygenerator by embedding it into the content page. 

It's now your turn to try. Enjoy!