What's Homelessness to you?

The entire course is about informing and teaching you about rural homelessness.

True or False and Short answer

There is a homelessness problem in our area?

  • Yes, Homelessness is a problem in our area
  • No, I don't see people on the streets sleeping, we are fine

What is your definition of homelessness?

Rural homelessness


Rural Homelessness

Rural homelessness is nothing like homelessness in the big cities where people sleep on the sidewalk and use the grates for heat. It's where people sleep under a bridge, or like in this picture make a makeshift home in the woods.

What percent of homelessness is in rural areas?

  • 7%
  • 3%
  • 14%
  • 67%

Rural homelessness continued...

Fill in the blank

Homelessness in rural areas is a  and needs to be gotten . Rural homeless makes up  of all homelessness.

Which person is homeless in a rural area?

Rural homelessness in Huntingdon PA

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Huntingdon  PA

Per 100,00 people in central county there are 68 people who are homeless on average.

Other Stats

Northeast County has 69 people homeless per 100,000 people, and so does the southwest. The Northwest has the least amount with 63 people per 100,000.