Learning Easygenerator!

Our lesson today will cover the basics of using easygenerator to create fun and interactive lessons!  





The Basics! (Start Here)

Content Titles are Edited Here!

Content Windows

Content windows may be placed below the "content title" in the content editor. Simple text windows (such as this two column text window) can have a header (see above). A basic text editor is included which includes may standard options (bold, italicize, underline, align etc.). Numbered or bulleted lists may also be added. There is a small toolbar next to each content window allowing you to change the order of the window, duplicate the window, or delete the window. Best of all, Easygenerator saves everything automatically!

Window Choices

There are many options for content windows including:

  1. formatted text
  2.  images
  3.  videos
  4.  web links; and 
  5.  documents (covered in the next section)

Easygenerator Tutorial

Please refer to this tutorial video for a brief overview of the basics of using Easygenerator.

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Adding Images

To add an image select images from the left side bar. You can pick your desired format and drag them into the content window. 

Embed Documents

To embed a document in the course editor, simply click the "docs" on the leftmost column on the screen and either upload a document from your device, choose a document from your easygenerator library (?) or paste a link to the doc (e.g., a google doc) and the document will appear!

Here is the Schedule of Presentations reproduced for your reference. 

Learning Objectives

Objectives by Section

You can have a separate learning objective for each section. There's even a learning objective generator that we'll take a look at now!  

Which of the following can you embed into a content box?

  • Video
  • Image
  • Web link
  • Documents
  • All the above

Saving changes

  • You need to manually save changes as you edit.

Objectives by Section

  • Each section can have its own learning objective.


Match each president in the proper order

  • 1st President
    George Washington
  • 2nd President
    John Adams
  • 3rd Presiden
    Thomas Jefferson

Label these triangles by dragging the terms to the corresponding image.

  • Scalene
  • Obtuse
  • Right
  • Equilateral

What are your thoughts/comments/questions about easygenerator? How would you use this in your classroom, if at all?