This section is to help you out with the Reading part of the APTIS exam.


Test structure – Reading


Test structure


The whole section lasts 30 minutes and is divided into 4 parts. It is important to get familiar with the test format before you work with the samples. 


Complete a sentence.


Five three-option multiple-choice questions focusing on sentence-level understanding to answer correctly.


Put sentences into the correct order.


Re-order a series of sentences to form a story using different levels of cohesive understanding and devices.


Text completion focusing on text-level understanding


Select words from a list to form a short text.


Match  headings to paragraphs (with distracter


Matching, focusing on global text-level understanding and integrating heading to main text

Part 1 Reading –

Sentence comprehension

In this part, you must select the appropriate word from a drop-down list.

You should complete this part in about three minutes.

To remember:

1.Sentences stand alone so no need to understand complete text to answer individual questions.

2.Aimed at lowest level (A1).


Read all sentences carefully. 

Revise adverbs of time, conjunctives and article use.

Observe the following samples

In this part, you must select the appropriate word from a drop-down list.

Remember that you should complete this part in about three minutes.


Part 2 Reading –

Text cohesion

In the second part, you must sort the sentences into the correct order to make a story. Do this by clicking on a sentence and dragging it to its correct position.

This task tests your knowledge of the cohesion of a text.

It normally tests adverbs of time, conjunctives, articles (first/second instances), referencing, substitution (cohesive devices).


Read all sentences carefully. 

Revise adverbs of time, conjunctives and article use.


Check the sample


Part 3 Reading –

Short text comprehension

In the third part, you must select the word from the group at the bottom of the screen and drag a word into each of the seven empty boxes. There are ten word options and only seven spaces.

If you change your mind, that's not a problem as you can move the words around until you make your final decision.


This is a harder task, more complex vocabulary, need to understand more than just one sentence.

Grammar can be used to guess (word formation/relative clauses).


Read the whole text before attempting the questions. 

Use grammar rules to identify possible options.

Check the sample


Accuracy at writing is checked here. 

Part 4 Reading –

Long text comprehension

For the final part, it is necessary to scroll the reading text to see all of it. Do this by clicking on the side bar (as shown) and move the bar up and down.

Select the appropriate heading from the drop-down list on the right-hand side.

In this part bear in mind that

There is one extra distraction heading. 

It tests the ability to read and understand a long text. 

It tests the ability to understand synonyms, or alternate expression. 


Read the whole text carefully, but as quickly as you can. Then carefully read the headings.

Look for clues to connect the headings to the paragraphs such as synonyms, similar ideas or topics.

Observe the following sample.




Watch this full test done in real prectice with explanations.


Do the following test. Once you finish write your score below to give a lead about your final score.

Click HERE to do the test. (Just follow the instructions and click yes when you have this question: Are you Example Test Student?)

It is important to know this:

The mock exam here is the one given to the public by the British Council and it is focused on giving practice to candidates. Sometimes, there are problems accessing to the test because multiple factors (Connection, lack of plug-ins,previous attemps, etc). 

It is not possible to have control in this test at all. For this reasion I give the following suggestions:

  • Update browsers.

  • Have latest versions of Flash Player and Java.

  • Try with a different browser (If you try it first in Google, then do it in MOzilla or in Edge)

  • Try it in another computer  (this is because multiple attemps)

The idea for the course is to give you enough insights about the test. This is why you have in all sections a full answered sample before the mock. There, you can see what you need to face the test and what it is expected to get a better result. If for any reason This mock is not accessible (we ran all mock accesses once a month to check any problems) for you I recommend you to focus on that sample instead.