Final for Omnivore's Dilemma

Now that you have finished the book, Omnivore's Dilemma, test how much you've learned!


How did farmers back in the early 1900's get their seed?

  • the bought it
  • they grew it

Why don't they grow their own seed anymore?

  • farmers don't want to grow their own
  • a hybrid seed has been made it so you cannot use your own seed

Tell whether the following statements are true or false.

  • Farms no longer grow multiple crops, have different livestock, and feed their own family.
  • Genetically modified corn is created in a laboratory.
  • Hybrid seed cannot resist disease and grows less corn.

Industrial Food Chain

Match the words and definitions.

  • Omnivore
    A species that eats both meat and vegetables
  • Carnivore
    A species that eats mostly meats
  • Herbivore
    A species that eats mostly vegetables
  • Subsidy
    Money paid by government to support an industry
  • Commodity
    Something bought or sold

Answer TRUE or FALSE

  • Cattle and chickens are fed corn.
  • High-fructose corn syrup adds many unnecessary calories to today's average meal

Industrial Organic

Please answer whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE

  • Oragnic food is grown without the help of fossil fuels, pesticides or fertilizers
  • The first earth day was in April 2014
  • The idea of organic foods caught on because of a book discussing the dangers of pesticides in 1969.

Local Sustainable

A local sustainable meal is made up food from

  • grass
  • corn
  • corn-syrup

Local sustainable beef cattle and chickens both eat

  • hay
  • grass
  • wheat

On a local sustainable farm

  • most food has to be bought at the grocery store
  • half the food is grown and half the food has to be purchased
  • everything is grown or raised on the farm

Hunter Gatherer

Choose four things that describe a hunter-gatherer

  • they eat meat
  • they eat plants
  • they feed their animals corn
  • they will eat fish
  • they have to hunt their own meat
  • they send their cattle to a slaughter house