PM/E Excellence Survey - Short Answer [INT PME]

Welcome to the PM/E Short Answer section

This section is about sharing your experience with us. We invite to respond using full sentences, or bullet point format - whichever works best for you.

Please read and respond to each statement or question by typing in your answer in the space provided.

All questions must be answered. 

PM/E Case Studies - Intermediate PM/E short answers

You are bidding work outside your local area and need to include Living Out Allowance - LOA in your estimate.

How you would you do this? In your response, please explain if you would follow the formula in the Inside Wireman's Agreement. If so include the reason why and how you would go about this.

You are bidding a project that exceeds a year in duration. Much of the wire, and half of the rough-in purchase will not occur until the second year.

What protection you need to build into your estimate?

It is summer and there are an abundance of jobs out for tender. The competition is hungry and the pricing reflects this. You could really use work for right now but will be loading up jobs on hand in January with available manpower.

Please describe how this affects your bidding efforts:

You have won a large project with a significant Eaton package in it.

Please describe what you need to do before placing your distribution purchase order:

It is early in the job and the General Contractor has asked you for site office renovations. The work is priced in Time & Materials. Materials adds up to $2,500 but the labour commitment is only 20 hours.

How heavily do you invoice them?

When planning your estimate...

How important is the specification and why?

List 5 things do you watch for in an electrical specification:

In the event you work in Low Voltage or Data Networks divisions please mention this in your response.

A job has been closed for three months. This month the job shows a loss of $753.

 Please describe what is likely to have happened:

The project schedule, issued by the general contractor is off by a month on the critical path.

Please describe what you would do in this situation:

The general contractor has not coordinated work on the site well. As a result your switch gear is now exposed to the elements.

Please describe the action you would take:

Thinking about work forecasting...

How far out are you looking?

Thinking about % Gross Profit targets...

Please describe how you see yourself influencing your % Gross Profit targets:

Thinking about new project opportunities...

Who in your network can help you to secure new project opportunities?

Where do you look for future project opportunities?

 List the companies and resources you use:

(minimum of 4)

In discussions with the local consultants you find there is currently a lot of work on the design tables.

Please describe what information is important to find out from the consultants: