Customer Management (CRM)

Customer Management Preferences and Setup

Customer Management Preferences and Setup Video

Customer Management Preferences and Setup Quiz

  • The Customer Management Preferences is where you set up numbering for campaigns.
  • You cannot set up a default Lead Class in the preferences.
  • You can set up Assignment and Approval maps.
  • Stage Codes can have assigned weights for probability.
  • You can only use the Activity Types pre-loaded in Acumatica.

Customer Management Leads

Customer Management Leads Video

Customer Management Leads Quiz

  • There is only one tab at the top of the Leads screen.
  • A lead can be assigned to an Owner.
  • You do not have to save a new lead record before you add activities.
  • You can create a contact from a lead in the Leads screen under Action.
  • You can click on the header of the list view to narrow down what you view.

Customer Management Opportunities

Customer Management Opportunities Video

Customer Management Opportunities Quiz

  • Opportunities are a great way to track future potential sales.
  • You cannot see Opportunities that have been lost.
  • You can assign different stages in the Opportunities screen.
  • You cannot assign an Opportunity to a campaign.
  • You can create a contact or account from an Opportunity.

Customer Management Cases

Customer Management Cases Video

Customer Management Cases Quiz

  • Cases is located in the Work Area tab.
  • Cases are like support tickets.
  • There is no way to see closed cases.
  • Contacts have to be added to a case to save it.
  • A Service Order can be created from a case.