Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension Stategies for Making Meaning During Reading


Readers ask themselves questions before, during and after reading a text.

  • True, readers are always asking themselves questions throughout the text.
  • False, readers read the text without thinking about what they're reading.

What is the difference between thick and thin questions?

  • Thin questions
    Can be answered with short, quick, right here answers.
  • Thick questions
    These are think and search answers.


How do you make an inference?

  • You use your background knowledge, the author's text and illustrations to make an inference.
  • You use your background knowledge.
  • You look at the illustrations.
  • You read the author's text looking for clues.


What is synthesizing?

Synthesizing is 

As you synthesize, your thoughts about a text change and grow. Put the sentences in the order which shows how your thinking changes and grows.

  • I'm thinking this book is about:
  • Now, I'm thinking this book is about:
  • My thinking has changed. Now I think:
  • Oh, this book was about: