Unit 1 Assessment Practice

Rome Assessment

Part 1

1) The lack of new conquest hurt the Roman Empire because it didn't allow Rome to acquire new sources of

2) The Romans built aqueducts to bring fresh water to and towns.

3) The was used as a check on the Roman Republic leaders so that these leaders wouldn't get too powerful.

4) A and the rise of a powerful ruler, Julius Ceasar, was the main cause of Rome changing from republic to an Empire.



Part 2

5) Duty, endurance and were ideas that were stressed by the philosophy of Stoicism.

6) After the second century, Roman citizens were increasingly ignorant of Roman politics which led to less citizen involvement in .

7) During the 5th century, Rome was weakened by problems, they were open to invasion from the German tribes.

8) The military of Rome was less effective after the second century because soldiers were no longer loyal to the .

Part 3

9) A person being innocent until proven was an important principle of Roman law.

10) Roman engineers used many shapes to help them design buildings.

11) Because of its location, the Byzantine Empire was affected by both .

12) A struggle between the and the Byzantine Emperors caused schism in Christianity.

Part 4

13) The main difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox church is the head of state, like the king or emperor,  has authority over the Eastern Orthodox church and the has authority over the Roman Catholic church.

14) Constantinople's location was of great benefit because it was on major trade routes between and Asia.