FH-Ref-intelligent business-U1

Hi Students,

in this course you can repeat vocabulary and grammar of unit 1.

I hope you enjoy it and what is more, I hope it helps you improving your English.

So start right now. In case you have any questions, just send an email.

Background knowledge

business activities

Business activities

Business activities can be subdivided into 4 big groups as you can see in the picture above. Of course it is not always clear, which group a company belongs to - sometimes a company is involved in more than just one of these activities. 

Unbenannte Textzuordnung-Frage

  • produce goods
  • provide services
    service provider
  • retailers
    sell goods
  • media
    film, TV, publishing

Unbenannter Inhalt

Sometimes businesses are subdivided into 3 different types: 

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