RSG Chapter 5 Quiz West Africa

In this quiz, you will see how well you learned the material from Chapter 5.

Terms and Names

Terms and Names #1

1. A West African storyteller is called a ____________.


A connection among people by blood, marriage, or adoption is known as ____________


A grassland in a tropical region is called a _______________. 


The West African empire that thrived from about 1240 to the 1400s is known as ___________.


The West African empire that thrived from 1493 to 1528 is knows as _______________.

Matching Questions

  • Muslim group that declared war on Ghana and seized the city of Koumbi Saleh in 1076
  • a Malinke chief whose help formed the empire of Mali
  • made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1342 and took tens of thousands of people with him
    Mansa Musa
  • drove the Berbers out of Timbuktu in 1468
    Sunni Ali
  • organized the government of the Songhai Empire
    Askia Muhammad