Email basics

After completing this course the learner will be able to use basic functions of Microsoft Outlook application.

Course will consist of 3 sections:

- Start to use Microsoft Outlook

- Checking a mailbox

- Creating a new message

At the end of the course the learner will be tested on received knowledge.   


Section 1) Start using Microsoft Outlook

Create an account in Outlook

What should you do when first time you use Microsoft Outlook

Where can you get information about your email address and password?

If add account window does not come up automatically you should go to:

Section 2) Checking a mailbox

Checking Mailbox

To check you mailbox yo should select the following folder

Outlook will show only unread messages if you select the following button

Section 3) Creating a new message

Creating new message

What combination of buttons used to create new message

How to separate recipients in To, CC or Bcc fields?

How to display Bcc box?