Facilitator Notes Logos

This e-learning module will introduce you to the logos in the Facilitator Notes template, and explain when and how to use them.

Why use Logos?


Why do we use Logos in our Facilitator Notes?

We are very visual creatures. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing. Images are able to grab our attention easily, we are immediately drawn to them. They help us to process information more quickly.

Logos in the Facilitator Notes help us because...

By using logos in the Facilitator Notes we make it quicker for the trainer to what type of activity comes next.  

The logos provide a overview of the training activities.

Using the logos ensures the Facilitator Notes remain .

The logos act like , helping us to navigate the Facilitator Notes quickly and easily.

Meet the Activity Logos

Logos Explained

All you need to know to understand the logos is:

The 'i' represents the trainer.

The triangle shapes represent the learners.

This logo is for a 'Trainer Led' section of the training. The trainer is at the front speaking, and the learners are listening.

Name the Logos

Now you know what the shapes in the logos represent, can you guess what the rest of the logos mean?
  • Pair Activity
  • Group Discussion
  • Trainer Demonstration
  • Individual Activity
  • Trainer Led
  • Group Activity

Individual Activity

Select the logo that represents 'Individual Activity'.

Trainer Demonstration

Select the logo that represents 'Trainer Demonstration'.

Group Discussion

Select the logo that represents 'Group Discussion'.

Which type of activity is this?

On the left you see a variety of training activities. Imagine you are designing these activities. Which logo would you select for them?
  • Split the group into pairs. Ask them to discuss the topic and note down their key observations. After 10 minutes discuss their findings as a group.
    Pair Activity
  • Ask learners to access the LMN website on their computer and research Lifestyle products
    Individual Activity
  • Trainer opens Back Office and walks through the steps of creating an issue
    Trainer Demonstration
  • Split the learners into groups of 3-4. Ask them to practice the systems steps, and be prepared to demonstrate back to the group.
    Group Activity

What about the smaller logos?

Trainer Prompts

Mini Logos

These mini logos act as 'trainer prompts'. They can be used throughout the Facilitator Notes to signify regular actions the trainer should take:

  • Show Slide
  • Ask
  • Look For
  • Flip


In order to engage the learners, it's important to ask questions of the group, and of individuals. This allows learners to participate in the training, rather than just listening. 

This icon signifies that you should ask a question.

Look For

This logo lets you know what answers you should be looking for from your learners. it provides the trainer with guidance on what the 'correct' answer should be. You might not always get this answer from your group, and it is a key skill of the trainer to elicit the 'correct' answers in a meaningful way.

Show Slide

Slides should always act as a support to the trainer's sessions. They should guide the training, but be used strategically to illustrate points.

This icon signifies that this is the ideal moment to show a slide.


As you already learnt in the e-learning module, visuals form an important part of learning. Don't forget to use your Flipchart to your advantage.

This icon signifies that you should use the Flipchart to illustrate something in a meaningful way.

Match the Mini Logo

Can you remember which logo means what?
  • Ask
  • Show Slide
  • Look For
  • Flip

Complete the following statements

The mini logos act as for the trainer.

The four mini logos are: and 

Complete some more statements

Questions are important in training because they keep learner  

The 'Look For' symbol signifies that the trainer should look for these  during a group discussion.

Using the flipchart is important because it adds a element for the learners.

Well done

Well done!

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