Where In the World? International Geography Course

"Where in the World " is an interactive geography course for those in the international transportation and trade industry.  It is essential in our industry that you understand world geography. 

This course provides interesting information and quizzes that allow you to test your knowledge of world geography. 

Take a tour of the different ports around the world while finding out interesting facts about the various countries and ports.  Countries and cities change their names over the course of their history, take our quizzes to find out if you know the former names.

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Where in the World?


Where in the World

Welcome to Artemus Tranportation Solution's where in the world?


Where in the World?

Where in the world is an interactive geography course for those in the international tranportation industry.

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Course Information

Throughout this course you will be participating in quizzes to test your knowledge. At the end of the presentation you will be given the quiz results and you will have the option to review the quizzes. If you do not answer a question, you will not have a chance to see the correct answer. 

If the correct answer is not shown during the review, you will need to right click on the yellow box to have the correct answer revealed. Again, this is only possible if you have answered the question.


We will start with the continents of the world.

Are you up-to-date on your facts about our continents? Take this quiz to find out.


  • Smallest Continent
  • Largest Island
  • Lowest Point on Earth
    The Dead Sea
  • Highest Point on Earth
    Mount Everest
  • Largest Continent
  • Largest Peninsula

Details on our Continent

  1. Largest Continent
  2. Smallest Continent
  3. Largest Peninsula
  4. Largest Island
  5. Lowest Point on Land
  6. Highest point on Earth

Asia 44,578,875 square km, 17,212,000 square miles

Australia 8,111,843 square km 3,132,000 sq miles

Arabia3,237,485 square km, 1,250,000 sq miles

Greenland 2,175,587 square km, 839,999 sq miles

The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan 411 meters or 1,349' below sea level

Mount Everest 8,850 meters of 29,035' above sea level

The Continents and Oceans