Whistleblowing in Healthcare

At the end of this module participants will be able to identify 4 key shortcomings in healthcare that lead to whistleblowing.


 1. Defining Whistleblowing
 2. Exploring Communication in Healthcare
 3. Exploring Leadership in Healthcare 
 4. Exploring Training in Healthcare
 5. Exploring Financial Constraints in Healthcare
 6. Test your knowledge 
 7. Summary 

*This module should take you between 30-45 minutes 


You will be asked to complete various questions along the way, so pay close attention!

You will be asked to complete various questions (T/F, multiple choice, scenario, matching) along the way, so pay close attention!


Definition of "Whisleblower"

A whistleblower is ...


Internal Whistleblowing


1: Lack of Communication

Communication in Healthcare

Informed Consent

Communication in Hospitals

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
The connection with doctors prior to surgery
manager would promote this process and in turn, increase its occurrence on the ward
By handing off consent duties to junior staff
leaders of the surgical field showed a clear lack of importance to the process
By praising nurses who communicate
important aspect of the physician’s job and should be done properly

Good communication is a must!

2: Lack of Leadership

Defining Leadership in Healthcare

5 styles of Transformational Leadership

True or False

5 Main Feature of Transformational Leadership Model

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
_______ employees to set their future goals based on the vision of an organization
______ the way by setting an example
challenging the process by looking for ways to ______
using ______ to be optimistic and encouraging
enabling staff to make ______ decisions

3: Lack of Training

Training in Healthcare

True or False

Training Options in Healthcare

True or False

4: Financial Constraints

Financial Constraints

What do you think?

Do you believe that leadership in healthcare should consult front line staff when making financial decisions? WHY?

Financial Constraints Facts

Test Your Knowledge

“... there was some skepticism attached to information received in conversations with colleagues from other centers, as people did not normally like to talk about problems faced during operations” This scenario showcases...

“The culture in the department declined to the point where staff were scared of the Sisters and afraid to speak out against the poor standard of care the patients were receiving in case they incurred the wrath of the Sisters" This scenario showcases...

“If an acute hospital loses even 2% of its income without having planned for this, its finances will be in serious difficulties, and it will often respond to that by removing staff throughout the organization”. This situation showcases...

"Involvement of clinicians in management, to which Dr Roylance responded positively, no thought or attention seem to have been given to the fact that management requires particular skills" This situation showcases...






Financial Constraints



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