The 5 stages of a project life cycle

Project management focuses on a plan with set timelines and targets and it is necessary to have a proper project plan in place to ensure the effectiveness of the project. The are 5 crucial phases in the project life cycle and this course outlines those stages.

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outline the 5 phases of a project life cycle

The 5 Stages of a Project lifecycle

What are the 5 stages of a project

The 5 stages of a project

An effective project plan has a life cycle which consist of 5 phases. The first phase is that of conceiving and defining the project, its objectives and deadline. This stage entails defining the range and scope of the project, the purpose of the project and what it is meant to accomplish. The second phase is preparing the plan and schedule, this stage is about setting timelines and resources necessary to make the project a success, and further scheduling the entire project plan into small parts to the relevant team member, department or unit. The third stage is that of Briefing the team and stakeholders, which entails assigning responsibilities and roles to team members and also involving the stakeholders in appropriately planning for the attainment of resources. The fourth phase is that of implementing the plan, monitoring process and support, this is the critical phase of the project. Success and failure of the project will depend on how this phase was handled by all team members and stakeholders and if the necessary resources were allocated accordingly. The fifth and final stage is that of evaluating project results and closing off the project. This is where the project is assessed in terms of it being a success or failure and mostly its effectiveness. All these phases are important in a project and are the lifecycle of the project, thus not one phase can be skipped as all 5 phases are important in the implementation of a project that is more viable.

  • Conceiving and defining the project
  • implementing the plan and monitoring
  • Implementing the plan
  • Briefing the team and stakeholders