Project Management refresher course

The purpose of the course is to build on existing product management experience by identifying the steps in the creating of a project and then at the completion of the project be able to assess and adjust the project in order to ensure future projects are able to be completed on time and within budget.

Assessing a project after completion

By analyzing the costs what are we able to determine

Once the project manager has determined that the project was successful or not it is always important to review the project on its completion to determine whether the project could have been done better or used less better to get the same result cheaper and quicker. By analyzing the mistakes and reducing time and staff involved the project can come in below budget thus improving profit. In this module we will show the different types of evaluations that can be used as well as learning how to break down each step. We will also determine whether the correct staff were used and used efficiently.

  1. Each step of a project is made up of numerous sub- steps. Each sub step has a designated person and cost. By determining steps that overlapped, or were delayed due to previous steps not being completed on time, impacts the completion of the project and requires more steps. This is done by referring back to notes taken during the project. Using the case study we will determine the projects failures and successes.
  2. Staffing. It is important at the end to review all staff that were involved during the project, this will help to determine those staff that performed versus those that did not. By doing this we will be able to determine those that should be rewarded versus those that need further training. By referring back to job descriptions and job assessment we are also able to determine training needs. During this module we will also refer to notes on training and development to identify staff that require training (261)
  3. By animalizing the costs versus the budgeted costs we can determine whether the project was a success for the company. By correctly identifying and allocating the costs we can determine where changes need to be made in order to come in under budget but also on time

  • How much money the project made
  • Was the project successful
  • Was the project completed in time
  • The correct number of staff were utilized