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This is Learning Page 1 for Learning Hour 1 of Supporting & Working with Children with Exceptional Needs.

Hour 1

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Part 1 - Learning Hour Introduction

Intro Wording for Part 1

There are 2 learning activities for you to complete in Part 1.

  • Activity 1
  • Activity 2

Activity 1 - Watch & Read the Learning Hour 1 Introduction.

Learning Hour 1 Introduction

Activity 1: Watch & Read the Learning Hour 1 Introduction. 

There are 3 Learning Pages for this ECE Workshop. You can access each of the Learning Pages through the links in the workshop email that you received from ECE Workshops. Each Learning Page contains information, resources, videos, activities and learning verification links. Each Learning Page is divided into 5 parts. The parts are:

  • Part 1 - Learning Hour Introduction
  • Part 2 - Understand Key Concepts
  • Part 3 - Look
  • Part 4 - Reflect
  • Part 5 - Demonstrate Your Learnings

In this Learning Hour there are a total of 8 activities to be completed.

Activities & Time Tracking for this Workshop

You must successfully interact with all of the information, resources and videos and complete the activities listed on EACH Learning Page in order to be eligible for the professional development certificate for Supporting & Working with Children with Exceptional Needs. So please don't rush; take your time and carefully work your way through the materials and activities that are presented. You can complete all of the work at once -- or you can visit each Learning Page multiple times. The choice is yours -- just make sure you put in a full effort and spend at least 3 hours in total watching, reading, engaging and interacting between all three of the Learning Pages.

We track the time you spend working on this workshop through activity time stamping as well as your time interacting on the Learning Pages.

ECE Workshops can request you to complete more work if it's obvious to our Education Team that you have not invested the amount of time or effort required to successfully complete this workshop.

In this learning hour you will focus on three important areas. These are

  • Learn about the term "children with exceptionalities."
  • Explore your own personal knowledge, experience and reactions related to supporting children with exceptional needs.
  • You will identify any fears or concerns you have when working with children with exceptional needs.

All of this will give you a solid foundation to move onto more in-depth learning about supporting and working with children with exceptionalities and exceptional needs.

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Activity 2: Complete the Quick Quiz.

Part 3

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